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Have you considered or given you kids cell phones? If so, can you recommend a phone that has parental controls? Like many of you I'm sure, I'm concerned about internet predators and other websites that are inappropriate for my kids.”

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  • Hi, feel free to shop my website, then click on the wireless shop. You cab shop, have several choices, comparisons, & competitive pricing.

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  • My oldest has had a phone from 11 onwards. At first she had only phone service, no data or internet options. Good way to start on a set pre-paid card. But forward 2 years and now they all have a blackberry. Honestly all they do is BBM each other and never use the internet on it anyway...they are used to speed connections by this age and find it too least this is my daughter and her friends who don't play video games anyhow. You can also pay for call display so they can view the incoming calls and get a call log as part of your statement. Good luck!

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