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Am I spending enough time with my toddler? I work full time and we let him stay with his grandparents sometimes so we can go out. I feel really guilty about this.”

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  • I am currently stuggling with this

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  • I feel the same way, it is a internal struggle.

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  • It's about making the time we spend with our children, quality time. Live in the moment, the future is imaginary & the past is dead.

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  • What is your child doing while you are working? If you have chosen a good daycare program for him, he's got the right balance of stimulation and nurturing. You don't have to be the only person providing these to him. He just has to know that you're the one ultimately providing for him. Don't underestimate your child's ability to understand this. When you're in a room with other caregivers and he gets a booboo or feels sad or tired, whom does he seek comfort from first? If it's usually you or his dad, then everything is cool.

    What you don't want to do is spend your time together "making up for" the time you don't spend together. Things like discipline and values are primarily your responsibility - even though they are not the "fun stuff." I've had parent friends who, at some times in their tots' lives, feel badly because the little bit of time they spend with their kids so often turns into an unpleasant discipline session. (I've had days like this myself.) But in the long run, consistent discipline is value-add (AKA quality time), and kids do recognize it (subconsciously, at least) as love.

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  • As my mom used to say....its not the quantity of time you spend with your children its the quality of time. I strongly believe this statement is true although sometimes its hard to come to terms with as the "mom guilt" sets in. You and your hubby deserve to spend time together too. As a working mom sometimes its hard to balance everything but as a woman we wear many many different hats so don't look at it as a downfall or flaw on your part. Embrace it .....Quality not quantity ;())

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