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Does anyone who has a blog, ever received a not so nice comment from someone? Isn't it a downer? It's a real drag because I know who the person is...and the comment was more personal than related to what my blog was about in the first place! I've since deleted her IP address so she can't do another one...but don't Mean People Stink?!”

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  • I just experienced this for the first time last week! It wasn't horrible, or a personal attack, but negative, none-the-less. I wasn't sure if I should delete the comment, or stick up for myself - I left it and stood up for my decisions. I ended up having another commenter stick up for me, too, which was very nice!

    (((hugs))) Sorry you have to go through that - it sounds like your situation was a lot more personal and hurtful than mine.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Selene M. Bowlby on 27th March 2008

  • I deleted her IP which was enough to stop her (at least from bashing me on my blog) she will continue to criticize me in the community. Of course she did email my post to people she thought should read it. Bet that took the air out of her balloon one else thought it was worth commenting on. she did try to leave a comment again, but couldn't....Ha Ha Ha. I actually don't care if she comments...but when she doesn't sign her name...that's just not ok.

    Thanks for the support. I have to also laugh because her emailing my blog to people only increased the hits to my well as my website:

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SpokaneMama on 29th February 2008

  • Bless your heart. So far, I haven't had this issue, however I had anticipated that at some point I might, so I do moderate all comments before allowing them to post. Sometimes that in itself is enough to discourage people from writing them in the first place. Kind of takes the fun out of it for them when they can't experience the "instant gratification" of their meanness.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Naturalsoycandles on 28th February 2008

  • Save a copy of the message. I've been cyber-stalked and if this person should continue (or escalate their harassment) you may need to file a report with the police. You will want copies of all messages you have received from this person along with any evidence you have that can prove their identity. Hopefully you won't hear from this person again though!

    Also, sometimes deleting their comments only enrages them and makes them more determined to return and speak their mind again. There are MANY ways for someone to get around a blocked IP. Sometimes leaving the comment as is and not responding to it (and privately emailing your readers to do the same) is the best action to take.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KathyHowe on 27th February 2008

  • I have never enjoyed hitting that delete button so much. Today I checked my visitor records and saw that she had again returned to the site. She tried to leave a comment and couldn't :-) since I had banned her IP address!!!! Thanks for all your kind words! I do feel better, it's just a small town and there are just a few small minds in it! They forget that people are allowed to have their opinions--like you said Melody! If someone doesn't like my opinion, then don't stop by my blog!! Right?! :-)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SpokaneMama on 27th February 2008

  • Yes, mean people stink! The nice thing is you can delete it! I haven't had any mean comments recently but I did have a person who wanted me to prove my point, gee it's my opinion. Thankfully they never came back. Sorry this happened to you, it's really them with the problem so don't take it personally. I know it hard not to. [[[hugs]]]

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Melody on 27th February 2008

  • mean people do stink so try not to waste any energy on them. does your blog have a comment moderation feature so you can review comments before allowing them on your site?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by ancgan on 27th February 2008

  • Sorry you had to experience that. I don't understand why some people think it is necessary to go there - mean! Too bad but at least you can delete:)

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