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What vitamins do you take? I am taking a womans multi and hair, skin and nails one. Any vitamin experts out there?”

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  • Yep. You can't beat Vitality for Life. They are the only vitamins I would recommend to anyone especially knowing what I know. I used to work in Radiology and we had patients come in with bowel obstructions....full of One a Day and Centrum vitamins. YUCK!! Don't take something that is made with cheap stuff that won't dissolve in your system like ferrous fumate. Let me know if you want them and I will hook you up. You have to order them from a wellness company. (cheaper than store vitamins too!)

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  • Melaleuca, has the most Biotin which is essential for healthy hair and nails. It is one of the most expensive ingredients in a multi and hence many others companies skip on this. We have the correct amounts, with maximum absorption made possible with our Patented Fructose Compounding chelation.

    For more info about myself and how I can help you please contact me.

    Devorah Spadone

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  • Vitality Nutritional Supplements are patented supplements, designed to be the most bio-avialable. How a supplement is Chelated (bonded) is as important as the quality of ingredient it's derived from.

    They come with a 90day challenge. If you don't feel better and have more vitality, you will have your money refunded!

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  • This topic caught my eye since I am a nutritionist! Glad to hear most of you are taking your daily vitamin - very important! I like Walmart's Equate brand with Lycopene (antioxidant), calcium with vitamin D (Dr. Oz is right!), fish oil (Omega 3's), and vitamin C (antioxidant). Do not feel like you have to spend a lot of money on a multivitamin to get a quality product. The important part is finding one you like and remembering to take it (just avoid megadoses). Children's vitamins (I like Flintstones) are much easier on the stomach and there content is not that much different than a basic one-a-day adult vitamin.

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  • I take a multivitamin (you're supposed to break it in half and take in morning and later and a calcium with vitamin D).. According to the oprah doctors - Dr Mehmet Oz and the other guy, the calcium WITH vitamin D is a necessity for most in cold climates because we don't get the vitamin D from the sun & it helps with calcium absorption.. Try That should have details. good luck!

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  • Hi, I take a Whole Food Vitamin by It Works. It provides me with everything I need on a daily basis and it's organic and makes me feel great - also it helps me wtih my chocolate cravings! Isn't that crazy??

    I tried alot of vitamins that are out there.. but most made me feel sick to my stomach. This one I can take on an empty stomach and I absolutely love it. You can also crush it and dissolve it too! This is how my daughter takes them! Great for Pregnant ladies too! Better then the Prenatal vitamin with has sythetics in it and ultimately are not good for you or the baby.

    Here is a website you can go to to learn more about the vitamin from the It Works company in Michigan:

    If that address doesn't work you can try this one too: and then click on products at the top of the page.

    Take care ladies...
    Carol (supermom)

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  • I take Womans One A Day and B vitamin.

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  • Thank you Natrualsoycandles. I appreciate the comment.

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  • I have to agree with Uhura! Melaleuca has absolutely fantastic products! Another alternative that is comparable to Melaleuca . Usana also makes a great product, although Melaleuca in my opinion is a much better company. Hope that helps.

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  • Thank you UHURA! It's good to know that it will come back. Your hair sounds so nice I am jealous:)) I think sleep definitely is an issue for me. I have been trying very hard to make sure i get an good amount of sleep a night. Plus now with the support from the group "I can be fit dammit" I am working on myself a little more.

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  • Momof2Lovlies, I had problems with my hairas well.

    As with many people, my skin and hair are the first to reflect my state of health. I noticed a big difference once I began taking Melaleuca's vitamins and once I began to faithfully make sure I get enough sleep. I also stopped straightening my hair and opted for a style which goes along with naturally curly to kinky hair. Within 11 months - I now have a head full of lush mid-length hair (I started from ~ 1 inch of hair after cutting the permed part off.)

    Melaleuca makes chewables too!

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  • I appreciate all this information. I would like to dive into my son's vitamins too. He loves his Gummires.
    I aksed because I was not much of a vitamin taker until now. Since giving birth to my kids my hair has changed dramatically. I use to have naturally curly hair that was realtively thick, to now ultra fine thin hair, that breaks quickly. I have had myself tested for everything and they think it is just nerves amd stress related.

    Uhura - I checked out Melaleuca and thanks. I will finish the ones I just purchased and see how they work and then go back to the Melaleuca vitamins.
    I bought my hair pills at whole foods and my multi is just a one a day multi.

    GM - I will check out your vitamins as well. I like the idea of them being compact.


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