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Any admin jobs out there in the Savannah GA area?”

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  • Not an 'Admin' job per se, but a great work at home business. A couple hours a day and no selling, really all you do is send traffic to your site and the system does the rest. Totally turnkey. I've been in it only a week and already making money! Does have a start up cost, as any real home business does, but is well worth it!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Sheraline on 19th March 2008

  • Thanks Adrienne! I have submitted to several but still nothing. Oh well maybe someone will give me a chance!!!!!!!!!!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by tina4545 on 10th March 2008

  • You can check Monster, Careerbuilder, Hotjobs, and do a Google search for Admin jobs in Savannah. Hope this helps.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Adrienne Graham on 9th March 2008

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