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What is your daily schedule? I believe we can learn a lot from other moms knowing how they manage their days. Although most of us may not have a fixed schedule but even a rough one may be inspiring. What I am trying to find out is how working moms manage to follow their carrier goals and balance it with being a parent, a wife a friend, etc. and also find time for their hobbies or personal growth. Here is my daily schedule: 8am: Every body wakes up and get ready. I have a one year old who goes to daycare. I drive him to daycare and then my husband to work and then get to work at 9:40! Everything is vary close to our house. 9:40-12 work 12-1: lunch time. I sometimes read, go to gym, have lunch with my husband, etc 1:5:40: work 5:40-6: Pick my family up and go home 6-8: Family/dinner time. no cellphone/laptop zone (which my husband loves a lot and can spend time with forever) 8-12: Personal time. Son goes to bed. Husband plays tennis two days a week and I go to the gym whenever I can. Watching TV, housework, web, book,...... Weekends are when I have problem with. Lots of chores to do, grocery shopping, son needs to be entrained ALL day, every seconds and I need to watch him so that he does not harm himself. We can not plan on anything including social life since we become too tired to make any plans and hang out with our friends which I need and miss a lot. No fun or rest for us during the weekends! How do you handle this? How do you make time for fun or social life?”

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