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How much time do you spend "teaching" your kids on a typical day? Including, e.g., piano practice, homework help, doing projects together, attending classes, visiting museums, drilling, reading together, tutoring, homeschooling . . . .”

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  • We went through a period where we were doing 2-3 hours per evening of reading, hands-on math, mental arithmetic, hands-on science, visiting museums, etc. I think we started to have burnout - plus, we added piano lessons - so now I am cutting back and trying to do fewer lesson-type things with higher quality. I was just curious to know what the saturation level is for a typical child and working mom.

    The reason I have this as an agenda, rather than just something we do for fun, is that my kids have needs that are not being fully met in school. They enjoy learning with me, up to a point.

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  • I teach my kids all day long. Whether home , on a walk at the park or beach, or at a museum..........I consider the "school of life" to be our #1 school!

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  • When the kids come home on the bus, the 3 big kids practice piano 30 minutes, this gets pared down if we have less time, sometimes just 15, sometimes just a run-through of their songs. They have chores to do (usually 15 min.) for the barn animals, then I help with homework if they need it, and drill spelling words. If the kids still have homework after dinner, they finish it, if not, it is "No electronics" time, the only thing they can do before bed is read a real book, otherwise they have to rest in bed. As far as typical, we rarely have a typical day, so if the kids need me to do more, I do it if they need my help. Alot of times, piano practice is a constant nag, but I know it will be worth it in the end, so they get nagged:)

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