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Okay ladies, I'm working on several new mommy articles. Anyone interested? Categories include: 1) For WAHMS (work at home moms): how do you set your work schedule in the summer when the kids are home. 2) Remembering your pregnancy forever: I'm seeking moms that have tried the following: belly casts, 3-D/4-D ultrasounds, have recorded their child's in-womb heartbeat, or any moms that blogged/journaled about their pregnancy 3) Spoiling your infant: Did you carry your infant everywhere? Did you massage your baby? etc. (I also have a separate post on what WAHMs really want this Mother's Day. I have many more scheduled soon. If you want to share your two-cents and be included in a published article let me know. (BTW: Thanks to all that helped me with my Pregnancy articles (Fear Factor will be in the June issue (about dad's fears)/Go Ahead and Cry, Baby-- is scheduled for July and is about pregnancy and crying). THANKS Susan”

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