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How much TV do your kids watch per week and how old are they?”

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  • My kid doesn't watch any regular tv - instead he has figured out how to work my I-pad and insists on playing with the aps and watching you-tube videos. We try to stick to the educational stuff. When he's on the I-pad it buys me time to change my daughter's diaper, make his lunch, etc.

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  • My Kids range from 7 to 20 yrs old. there are 6 of them for now...I'm pregnant due on May 2012. They watch TV when it's in the morning for news, at lunch for a quick entertainment, afternoon at 5pm for afternoon News...then a single Movie to watch to relax before sleeping at night.

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  • My 2 year old watches a little Nick Jr. or Sprout almost every day. (She learns a lot from them, plus I teach her things as well.) She usually entertains herself with other activities, even if the TV is on at other times.

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  • I hadn't planned on letting him watch anything until after two, as is recommended. But sometimes our little ones decide things for us. My son is a year and a half and has just discovered Elmo. It started when he was home with a bad ear infection and I thought he'd enjoy the treat. He doesn't care about watching the rest of Sesame Street, just wants me to fast forward to Elmo.I try to limit it to once a day.

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  • TV has never been something we have steered away from. Although now that the kids are older we do watch alot less of it. They do watch an hour or two after school, and maybe an hour in the evening. The evening TV does not happen alot of times due to homework being done. I have a 12 and 16 year old at home.

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  • Ages 4/5 and we have always watched little or no TV. The only TV my kids watch is football on Sundays when their aunt is babysitting.

    They do get to watch family movie DVDs, usually about once per week.

    We have so much to do during our time together, it doesn't occur to anyone to turn on the TV.

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