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Do you have a cleaning/housework day or do you just do a little at a time?”

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  • We do the dishes every day. The house gets vacuumed as needed. Everyone does their own laundry. We take turns doing grocery shopping.

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  • We have a cleaning service come in weekly.
    And we also keep tidy during the week so it is not that expensive for them to come in.
    But with working full time, I am not spending my days off scrubbing floors, sinks or toliets.
    That was something we agreed on when i went to work full time.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by DebR on 21st March 2008

  • We pay a cleaning service to come in once a month. As for the regular cleaning chores, we keep up daily on cleaning the kitchen, and regularly clean the bunny's litter box and take out the garbage, etc. I like to straighten the kitchen before I go to bed to make the morning quicker and easier.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Daisy on 15th March 2008

  • I try to keep things picked up during the week and spend a little more time once or twice a week doing the bigger jobs. Growing up, my mom made us spend all of Saturday morning getting the house cleaned and I really hated that so I try to keep it neat during the week.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by April Mims, Career Coach on 11th March 2008

  • Both and None of the Above. Ideally, I try to keep picked up through out the week and then mop, vac, etc. on Fridays. But... Sometimes none of it gets done, so...

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  • I do a little at a time. I have teenagers so they help me. I give them each a room to clean besides there bedrooms. I am the only one that will do bathrooms. The kids help me with the laundry. I also have a cleaning lady that comes in 1 time a week. I love my cleaning lady!!!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by crazymomof04 on 11th March 2008

  • little at a time... and saturdays or sundays or a mad dash of an hour or two before anyone comes over! i tell my husband we have to invite people to motivate us to clean when we are exhausted! One thing we do that at least helps is alternate nights of putting DS to bed. The one who isnt does the dishes and cleans the kitchen! i love having a clean kitchen :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 10th March 2008