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Looking for ideas regarding getting a child accelerated in school. I can't seem to get the ear of the local schools (public or private). Has anyone successfully accelerated a child younger than the stated cut-off dates? What did you do to make this happen? (Child will be 5 in January and I'm trying to get her in 1st grade next fall. She performs years ahead of peers.)”

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  • I work in a public school system and the age restrictions are in effect not only for intellectual development, but also for emotional development. That may be why you're not able to get answers just yet. If you feel very strongly about having her start early, you need to schedule a meeting with the school's principal and discuss the issue with him or her. The principal is the person who makes the initial decision as to whether or not to accept the student and to go on and promote her. If the recommendation from the principal is to go forward with the testing to see if promotion is an option, your daughter will take several tests that will cover what she knows, her emotional/maturity level, how quickly she can learn, among other things. It's not a quick thing. Public schools are notorious for moving slowly.

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