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I like what I do, but when I'm at work I miss my children so much. My priorities have totally shifted and I feel guilty that when I am at work, I can't do as much as I did before the kids. Does anyone else feel this way? How do I deal with this?”

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  • I miss my daughter too, but I know that everything I do is for her. I work so that she can have the things that she needs, where as I used to work to climb the ladder, get fullfillment, etc. I get everything I need from her. I am there for her before and after work. I've been able to leave work early and get home to her sooner. I'm not the best house keeper right now, but I would much rather get down on the floor and play with her than fold laundry any day! My husband works full time too and he also struggles with leaving her at day care. I love my child and it's ok to miss her. Hang in there, being a working mom is so hard, but sometimes it is neccessary and we do what we need to in order to provide for our children. Never feel guilty for that.

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  • that's really right! Usually I would miss my son when I am working, but I encouraged me that I should finish my work as soon as possible so that I can stay with my son sooner. And I still can not forget one time when I was on a business in another city I had to cry when I heard my son's voice from the phone.

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