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If you work from home, what do you do? Do you like it and do you like working at home?”

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  • I´m a freelance writer and blogger. I do like working from home because of the flexibility, but since I have two little kids (2 and 11 months), it definitely isn´t easy! Luckily, my husband is a musician, so he stays home during the day to help watch the boys, but some things are just mommy responsibilities. :)

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  • I work from home and have for the past 5 years. I have my own business doing graphic design and desktop publishing. I also tutor high school and college students in language arts classes.

    I absolutely love working from home! I like having my own comfy desk chair, my own computers, my dog at my feet and my kitten in my lap while I work. I like that I am here for my kids. Even though they are older (teens) it's still nice to be here when they want to talk to me!

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  • My primary job is a remote employee in the technology field for a health care company. I work from home 2 - 3 days a week and travel the remaining days. I also own a work from home resource site that helps others find legitimate opportunities and provides business-building tools and tips. In addition, I'm an independent rep for an energy marketing company (Affordable Energy) and a health and wellness company (Fruta Vida). I really like the companies that I work with -- I started my work at home quest in 2001, took a while to find the right opportunities and techniques, used this experience to develop my site.

    ~ Ulanda ~

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  • My husband owns a window treatment company and we both own the drink business, I love the fact that I am home, but if I don't get out of the house sometimes I tend to go batty. You may know my business, because we advertise here. It is such a fun business, when I share the product with someone and they call me a week later telling me they feel better that is so rewarding. I do our business differently, I hate pushing my business on people, but when someone starts talking about their pains, that is an open door for me to share the product. If someone uses the product and sees the results, at that time I suggest to look at the business. But not at first.

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  • I've enjoyed a career in Direct Sales for over 20 years and love every minute of it. I can't imagine working somewhere else other than at home. I could list endless benefits but for me the one I like the most is being my own boss, no one tells me what to do!

    I started out doing in home shows or party plan which was great when my children were young and now I run my business on the internet which connects me with lots of wonderful people across Canada and the United States. So what I do is basically internet marketing, with a bit of sales and customer service plus I coach my team members marketing, sales and business building skills.

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  • I love my work from home job! The flexibility it affords me allows me to get involved in my 4 children's school activities, afterschool activities and sports events. I can do the housework, shopping, cooking etc and still be "at work"! I work for an au pair agency and I enjoy meeting the au pairs from all around the world, learning about different cultures, languages etc. It has even benefitted my children, getting to meet and speak to all the different au pairs. I get pleasure out of helping families find affordable, flexible childcare and at the same time bring a new culture and experience into their home. It is very satisfying when everyone is happy! My schedule is my own and works very well in my life!

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  • I am involved in a business where the products are ECO-Safe for your household. They are Great. I have allergies and grandchildren and it was the best thing I did for my house. It knda works like buying a membershio to Sam's club and then yu can shop. But with this business you purchase the producst you need for your home that you would buy anyway in the grocery store and then spread the word. Not Hard the products speak for themselves. They do not have all the corrosives in them that harm our clothing, children, homes, ourselves, etc. You can check out my site
    They have training that involves conference calls from all over the country, so you ick up on new ideas fort he products.

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  • Working at home really doesn't have to be hard. In fact personally, I've found it to be amazing. Granted you have to learn to juggle time with the little one you have and time working on your business. I have a tendency to get so excited about the opportunities in my business that I end up spending several hours a day on it while my little 4 month old daughter plays on the floor or in her bouncer next to me. This is the business I work with: The system is totally automated to sell so your job is basically learn to get traffic to your site. The thing I have like most about this business, besides the money of course :-), is having a product I believe in and that truly brings quality and something meaningful and helpful to every situation. The first couple of weeks can be slow as you learn what works and what doesn't, (unless you have the money to start with their turnkey solutions), but after that you can reinvest part of the money you make into these and it becomes VERY VERY simple. Give it a look if you want.

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  • I run a home daycare, which is probably the perfect job when you have small children of your own: they can join right in! Now that my kids are older, I'm transitioning out of daycare and into something a little less physical (for my back's sake) a little more flexible (which allows me to pop out of the house on my own!), and a little more intellectually challenging (for my brain's sake). But never once have I considered full-time outside-the-home work. Though I could see myself taking a part-time job, at least at first, to ensure a more stable income, I've never considered anything but working at home as my ultimate goal. I love being self-employed too much to give that up!

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  • I recently (Dec 07) started working from home. I quit my traditional office job in 2 months before, and thought that working from home would be perfect! For the most part it is, but… It is tough!

    My 4 year old son goes to school for 3 hours a day and naps about 1 ½ hours a day so ideally I try to utilize those times to get on the phone (80% of what I do is contacting clients via phone). Then in the evenings I do my emails and catch up on paperwork.

    The tough part has been being able to find a true balance of work and family and home – just like before. Only now it seems to be even more daunting because I’ve got my son sitting staring me in the face when I have to take a phone call or send an email. There’s no clear cut boundaries.

    Also, I’m a perfectionist by nature. I went from being at the top of my game at my old job (I was the one everyone went to for answers) to being a mediocre producer because of the lack of quality work time I have. Most of the other people in my company work from home but they don’t have small children & have more time to devote to work. The few that do work in an office setting work 8+ hours a day. Of course they are all going to do better than I do because they have more quality work time.

    It’s only been in the last few days that I’ve finally resolved to NOT compare myself to others in the company since all of our situations are totally unique. I’ve just resolved to be first and foremost the BEST MOTHER I CAN BE and secondly to be the best employee I can be.

    I really hope this question doesn’t turn into a debate of whose worse off (WAHM vs. WOHM). There are pros and cons to both sides and neither is right for everyone! I’ve done both (recently) and I do love what I do now. I love the flexibility of it & regardless of how hard the transition has been, how blurry the boundaries are, & how much of a ego trip I’ve had to get over it’s the right choice for my family right now.

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  • I do SEO and Internet marketing work.. and while I enjoy working from home, it's kind of hard to discipline myself and not stray to websites (like WIM!!! hehe). Plus my office is always here, it's the same computer I use for personal use.. so my business is always staring me in the face.
    I used to work at night or all hours of the day.. but now I'm restricting myself. No working past 5pm unless website emergency. :)

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  • I saw the comments of what Cara and Claire had said about the kids. As far working around the kids I have no problem with that. The problem I have is right when I get on the phone my mom and husband want to talk to me or yell at a kid right beside me. I don't have to concentrate much and I don't have to work odd hours which is cool. I love working at home andI love what I do. I have met (phone) so many cool moms and women out there it's so neet. If you work from home, what do you do? the website is And I refer people to a different way of shopping for your everyday products like dish soap, Laundry soap, fabric soap, and many many more items.

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