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Any fun plans or parties for ST PATRICKS DAY? My in-laws are on their way over with corned beef and cabbage to celebrate tonight. I made an awesome Irish Stew for tomorrow night. We usually have a party, but since it is on Monday this year, we are just laying low. Maybe go out to the local pub once the kids go to sleep tomorrow. My folks said they can babysit for a few. Share any fun recipies you may have!”

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  • We went to a parade yesterday!! not sure about dinner tonight... maybe i will make something irishy (umm beer?) LOL

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 17th March 2008

  • we won't do much because I have to work that night. When I have to work it tends to make us not do much so that I can make it to work on time. I wish it wasn't on a weekday. We could have some fun then.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jacqueline on 16th March 2008