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My husband and I have made the descision to change day care providers. There are a variety of reasons that we are doing this, mainly that it is best for my child. Despite this, I feel guilty as I adore our current daycare provider and know that it is a blow, both financially and personally, to move our daughter. I feel sad to leave her, even though I know it's for the best. Why am I feeling so guilty?”

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  • Because you have trusted this person to take care of your child and you have shared milestones, possibly cried together, laughed together, etc. BUT you must always do what's best for your child. So keep your head up.

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  • You have probably built a great relationship with the provider and that IS what you are supposed to do, since that is the person that you are trusting with your most precious gift in the world. It is totally expected that you will feel this way. As you say, though, this is what is best for your child's development and that is always going to be your number one concern. What you do have to remember is a care provider is always having kids come in and out of their lives, it comes with the territory. To soften the blow (the idea that she is losing income) you can offer to provide her with a letter of recommendation or allow prospective parents to contact you for referral and let her know she will come first to mind for any other parents that ask your thoughts on providers. She will be grateful, and you never know she may already have someone that was interested in her services. I have had to move my girls a few times, and for all but one (bad experience, sadly) of the centers they were with, I still send them holiday cards and have many of the former teachers as facebook friends. As long as your reasons are not directly tied to poor performance I think all of that is reasonable. Like others mention, the guilt will eventually subside if you continue to remember WHY you are doing this.

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  • You feel guilty because of your adoration for your present provider, ultimately you must do what is best for "your" family. Knowing that you are making the best decision, should help you to release that "guilty" feeling. Best of luck dear.

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  • Hi Toran

    It happens at times when despite taking the best decision,you regret and feel guilty..Dont worry,as everything else this too shall pass.and you will settle down eventually.
    Merry xmas to you..

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