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If you pump or pumped at work, where did you do it? A dedicated room, office, bathroom?”

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  • I use my office that has a door that locks. I work with all men and when I first came back to work, they must not have understood what I was doing in there. The second day back, my boss used his key to come in after I had told him that I needed some privacy and locked the door to pump. He thought I just needed some "alone time". Horrified is not even close to the word I would use to describe that feeling. I don't think humans can make that sound. So I used clip art to make a sign with a screaming baby riding a cow and hung it up three times a day when I pumped. Heh. After a couple of weeks, they got tired of being reminded what I was doing in there and asked me to make a more discreet sign. ;)

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  • I pumped in my office, which took some getting used to since I don't have a lock on my door! We are family-friendly here and have some women who are pregnant but in cubes. We're going to need to create a space for them -- any suggestions on approaching that topic?

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  • I worked for a rental car company when I had my first son. I was in an office with almost all men. The women that worked there were young girls. There wasn't a lot of understanding when it came to pumping. I would set up shop in the bathroom, but there were no outlets, so I would have to run an ext. cord in to pump. It was uncomfortable, and at the time, I was young and didn't realize that I had the right to better provisions. My job now has special rooms for nursing moms. It is great how different attitudes are now vs. 10 years ago.

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  • When I was nursing I pumped in a dedicated pumping room. I still appreciate how amazing it is that my work offered this. I pumped 3 times a day, and nursed for almost 2 and a half years (only pumping the first year). The room provided pumps and you could just bring attachments. We also had a visit for a lactation nurse once a week, if you had questions.

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  • I pump in our conference room 3 times a day, and I just have enough for my 11 week old daughter for the next day. The room is open-air, so everyone can hear the pump when it's running - sort of embarrassing, but I'm getting over it. I'm planning on breastfeeding 1 year (hopefully!) Thankfully I have a family-friendly enviroment to work in, and they allow me to do this (although I think all jobs should allow you to).

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  • My office has all glass doors in the office, except for a few executives' offices. I didn't start my job until after I had my son b/c we moved while I was prego, so on my first day of work, I took the tour and finally said, it appears there is not a lot of privacy here, is there a place where I can go? Well, being a family-friendly company, one of our VPs had forged her way out of the bathroom for pumping and had created a curtain on a springrod that could be put up in the window of the office door to block the view. Apparently people just "know" not to enter when the curtain is up. But I usually let the women around me know when it was happening so they could kind of keep look out.

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  • I am currently still expressing milk for my 11 month old. This is my third time around doing so and our company has individual shower rooms. Like full baths at home (not as comfy), but the door has a lock on it and this is where i pump while i am at work.

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  • I pump in my own office or in one of the exam rooms. I've found that I have to be very creative with time and location of pumping. And, I have to be willing to openly communicate with bosses about the nursing (which is interesting considering that they're mostly male) and also be willing to run behind ... which is contrary to my preference. Sometimes my work requires me to go to conferences and this is where pumping can be challenging. In February, I went to a two-week conference and the pumping resources were very limited. However, I made some inquiries and discovered the the college of nursing (two buildings down from my own conference) had a wonderful lactation room. W-O-W. Leave it (mostly) women to understand the importance of 'nursing'. ;)

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  • Unfortunatly for me, it's impossible to pump at my outside the house job. It's not that they wouldn't let me, but I wait tables. There's just no time. I was feeding or pumping right before I left the house at 3 pm, then I wouldn't get home until Midnight, and she would be asleep. I pumped then, but my milk supply has decreased tremendously because of it. I'm only working 3 to 4 nights a week, but it has been really hard to keep up. She's 5 months old now, and we have slowly moved from all breastfed to supplementing a little on the days I worked, to mainly me just nursing during the night, and using formula during the day. It makes me sad. I BF both my older two for the first year, and wanted to give her the same thing, but I just can't keep up.

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  • We actually had a locker attached to the ladies room, but not much privacy. They allow nursing mothers to take a conference room when needed. I always intended on nursing at work, but when it came down to it, I just waited until I got home. ouch.

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