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A stranger asked for help yesterday at 7:00 AM. He needed his truck jumped; it was up a brief ramp (though still in view of the street). I had my son with me, yet I agreed. As I drove up the ramp, I had major qualms. Would you have agreed to help?”

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  • HECK NO!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, don't want to be the top news story on the 6 o'clock news. And I don't mean for someting happening to me, lol. I mean for going to jail behind someone doing something to my baby.

    That's what God makes strong, strappin' men for ( to help other men). I'm really soft hearted though and would've felt some type of obligation so as I rode by if he really looked in distress I would've used my cell phone to call the police to alert them someone needed help. But, I would've have stopped or gotten out of my car, esp. not with my baby in the car. I'm from New York and we are just skeptical by nature. I believe....never borrow trouble.

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  • NO WAY!!!! You never know what could happen. I agree with the others, tell him you will call someone for him, don't get out of the car and of course keep your door locked.

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  • Nope. I don't open my door for strangers and I don't get out of my car for them either...But sometimes saying no is hard.

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  • No I would not have helped him myself but I would have offered to get him help.

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  • i wouldn't have gotten out of the care, (i am a bit of a wuss) but i would have still helped if i could! Ii would have offered to call a tow truck to come jump him under my AAA or insurance or a police assistance or something.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 3rd April 2008