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i have a 17 month old son. at my current job i get every other friday off and i cherish those days of just mommy & baby time. i was recently offered a management position at another company with a 20% salary increase...but i am torn. I know the increase in pay would help my family in the long run, but I would lose out on my days off with my son. MOMS OUT THERE, what are your suggestions? I'M DESPERATE FOR MOMMY ADVICE!”

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  • Time with the child is so precious. I would say if you can survive without the extra income I would say spend the time with the child. You can never put a price tag on those moments. In the final analysis you have to go with what is best for your family as a whole.

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  • If you can do without the extra income. I mean r u ok with your income now, we always could use more money, but isn't always better. More Money more things to buy. The time w your baby is precious. It goes by so fast. N u Will Not get those moments back. I raised 3 kids. Worked full time as nurse administrator. My scheduled was flexible but I missed a lot. Now I'm raising my granddaughter, same age as yours. Everyday is a new experience. My daughter lives with us so she doesn't have to work full time n miss those special moments that I did. Which now I m blessed to be able to enjoy. Wish you the best. Be blessed

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  • That is a tough one. I personally gave up a large amount of income to work three days a week instead of five. Probably at least 30k per year. However, our family was in a position that I could do that and my husband's income has increased substantially since our kids were born. I don't regret staying home those extra days, they go to school so quickly, and I figure at that point if I want to work more I will. I would also look at what the hours and stress level of the new position. You may end up being there longer hours and also miss those fridays you have now. I went through the same thing when my girls were younger and having time with them always won out. Whatever you decide though don't feel guilty and really it is your decision to make and no one else really knows your personal situation.

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