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On my blog I'm soliciting questions from other working moms to help me find a new nanny. Can you guys help by posting questions you would ask on my blog? I'm thinking I'll even let people vote on the top candidates!”

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  • "What size bra do you wear?"

    We had a part time nanny for a couple of months who made off with my best bras, my favorite sewing scissors and assorted jewelry. She had the audacity to use me as a reference for later work!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KatieK on 23rd August 2007

  • Great questions. THANKS!

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  • Have you checked out some of our articles with nanny questions in them?

    I would ask, with a big smile, what the candidate's favorite TV shows are. Find out how much TV this person watches and see if you can get any sign about how much they'd watch while in charge of your tot.

    Another question that would be important to me is: What are your favorite books? I think you can tell a LOT about a person by their answers-- just about basic compatibility.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jen Creer on 23rd August 2007