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All of the hoopla surrounding Miley Cyrus and the "Vanity Fair" photo shoot got me thinking... who was your role model when you were a young teenager? What about when you were a tween (10 to 12 years old)?”

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  • Young teenager? I'm remembering some older girls in theatre productions and dance with me that I thought were the far as a preteen, I would have to say my Mom's best friend Neranza, she's an artist/photographer/videographer/sculptor/dressmaker/gorgeous/tall/astrologist. I admired her to no end. Still do! I never fell in too much with crowds of girls that dug pop stars or subscribed to Bop or Tiger Beat or anything like my 'idols' or role models weren't really anyone from that walk of life...(even tho I did buy the occasional copy of said publications...)I remember really really loving Bette Davis in the 9th grade.

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  • Please excuse me for my multiple typos...Just exhausted today.

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  • I looked up to my parents and one brother in particular. And I also considered the rock band members I was into as role models, I suppose. Looking back, I feel I was left to drift a bit. Okay, a lot. I have higher hopes for my daughter when she reaches that age. I mean, I hope she can have some real-life role models, especially women, she can look up to and that maybe provide her with some guidance/mentorship.

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  • I don't think it was horrible but I wouldn't want my daughter to pose like that at such a young age for all the world to see. I think it was too mature for someone her age. It was on the provacative side.

    I don't remember having any role models at that age. There were hardly any young singers like MC. When I was a teeny tiny girl I LOVED Shirley Temple movies.

    I had tons of boy crushes like Sean Cassidy, Scott Baio, Donny Osmond. I think the youth of america is growing WAY faster than we did. Just tonight I was in the neighboring town I took my kids to a Pizza/restaurant after our trip to the park. It's a close quaters kind of place.
    Now the neighboring town is very well to do the majority of the kids come professional families.
    This is the scene:
    Three HS girls talking parties(remember we are practically sitting on top of them) and boys
    One says "OMG Like I totally don't care if he has sex with someone else"
    The other says "OMG like where did they do it?"
    THe other "Seriously, in his parents bedroom" "She said they were gond for two hours but really it only take like what 20"
    The othe says "I totally told him he could F--- anyone he wants...I mean I practically do the same thing right in front of him"

    The F bomb was being thrown around just as much as their sex talk. Finally I turned and gave them a look like "cool it" Just rolled my eyes kind of thing.

    5 minutes later one them said "OMG, I totally saw her give us a look" "She totally like rolled her eyes" "OMG, she's..."

    I turned around and said "yes girls, I gave you a look because I am with my children, and I normally don't like to have those kind of conversations when they are near".

    I then wanted to say "So I take it you don't babysit??" but I held myself back...why go there?

    They turned birght red and kept quiet.

    I left two minutes later because we were done.

    They couldn't have been more than 16 -17 yrs old. Pretty and APPEARED to be clean well educated looking girls.

    When I was that age #1 I never spoke about sex b/c I was CLEAN(literally) #2 I respected adults #3 I respected adults and kids and knew manners.

    Today kids are yapping on their cell phones, texting like mad and have pages on myspace. I was roller skating.

    Who was my role model "Laura Ingall..from little house on the prairie?"' That's what I was watching.
    Joanie from Happy Days(now on celebrity fit case you are wondering).

    What do kids have to look up to Paris (excon) Lindsy(ex rehaber)Nicole (ex con) The olsen Twins
    Britney and Jamie Spears

    O.k. going off on an rant probably because of my dinner episode. But really...Miley does not need to be on shooting for Vanity Fair...Art or no Art. Why kid an innocent child who like Miley/Hannah Montanna something to think about "why isn't Hannah wearing a shirt" Does anyone really think her fans are looking at the picture like a piece of art?? Art to them is Crayola and bedazzler.

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  • first, i didnt think it was that bad - it was very artistic and maybe just appeared in the wrong magazine/audience. that said... hmm rolemodels? i actually dont know if i had any that i wanted to emulate at all. but then, i was kind of a weird kid and SHY so i didnt want to draw attention to myself by being too 'trendy'. i saw tv/magazine ads and thought that was just what people looked like and wore on tv and in mags - not in real life! lol!

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