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Do you have a retirement fund other than your job's pension or government plans? If you do, what sort is it? Do you use expert resource people - and who?”

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  • Yes and no, and probably not as much as I should. My current job has an old-fashioned pension plan that they fund - I don't contribute anything, and I hope it will still have money to pay out when I become eligible. I have contributed decent percentages to the 401(k) plans I've had at previous jobs (where my employer matched a percentage of what I put in), and rolled those balances into an IRA when I left, which is basically tending to itself these days, as is my half of my ex-husband's retirement plan that I got in our divorce settlement. Both of these are invested in balanced mutual funds, and I'm pretty satisfied with that. But as a financial person, I should know better and be doing more. I HAVE succeeded in getting my husband to look at diversifying his retirement plan at work, and both of us should be putting more aside, into either our 401(k)'s (his), 403(b)'s (mine) or a Roth IRA, but like Jen says, current needs keep coming up and cash goes there instead.

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  • Isn't it awful? I consider my age, and then look at the paltry amount I have so far - a piddling bit from my teaching career, and a very little bit from an RRSP I contribute to now. I won't STARVE in my old age - that is, as long as I keep my spot under the bridge warm and dry... It's a little scary, and I know I need to do something - and fast! But what? How? Argh.

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  • Oh Lord. No, I don't. And it is on my list of things I *must* do. It's on that list every year. And then the money goes to pay taxes, or for a patch for the roof, or braces, or...

    I think I need an expert resource person to sit down and make me do it.

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