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I'm just curious to see how many of you guys play with your kids? When I say play, I mean really get down and play on their level on a regular basis. Whenever we go to kiddie places, we seem to be the only ones and this makes me sad. So I want to hear from all the people that play with their kids!”

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  • My kids are 9, 10 and 13 and I still play with all of them. Sometimes it's soccer, other times it's Legos or just a good race in the pool. My 13 year old loves to read and write, so we'll often take our laptops into the sitting room and write and read together. We also do a LOT of hiking and biking together. I hope my children never want to stop playing with their parents.

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  • I ALWAYS play with my baby! I run in circles around him yelling CRAZY MAMA!! lol he loves it! I think I'm louder than my son sometimes. We were in the airport waiting on our luggage and we were running in circles around people! lol They thought it was funny.

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  • So awesome. Love all of these answers. So good to know that there are still moms out there that love to play!!

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  • Absolutely! We had a babysitter once who the girls didn't like because she didn't play like mommy because mommy gets down and plays. Chase, pretend, hide and seek and now board games and it all!

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  • This is one thing that really is important in my day. The dishes won't get done until late or on Saturdays the beds may not get made right away, but I take the time to play. Tag; ride bikes; pirates (yep, I'm in my pirate "get up" designed by my son) and swashbuckling in the backyard; playing on the playground (o.k. so I don't wear the pirate costume there) - going down slides, swinging, etc.
    It's wonderful to see so many moms do the same. I get those funny looks from other moms just chatting at the playground but its their loss, not mine. There's always time to be serious with other parts of life. Have fun with the kids - they will remember it. Besides, their imaginations soar!

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  • We play...a lot. My husband and I both do with our son, whether we're in public or at home. It's fun. I even keep a spare set of clothes in the car (for me and for the boy) for those days when there's some impromptu puddle jumping and we're out and about. I'm glad to see so many others who play too! I think it's important...the business of being a kid is playing (okay, and homework when they're older), but we get so bogged down by grown-up responsibilities sometimes (work, school, bills, parenting--in no particular order), that we forget sometimes to just let it all out and play a bit. It can be hard though, when there are pressing deadlines (at least in my case), but overall, I try to make sure that we have some good, honest, non-thinking-about-anything-else playtime most days. (If I don't, I know my husband will.) And one of the great things about having least in public, it gives you a license to be goofy without having anyone call the men with white coats. :D

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  • Yup. I frequently wrestle with my boys on the bed and I have regular tickle fights with them (every night before bed). My 2 year old is obsessed with cars, so sometimes we walk endless circles around two armchairs, driving our respective cars and occasionally crashing into each other. :)

    When my knees are up to it, I also crawl around on the floor with them. We pretend to be dogs or cats and have a blast and play follow the leader. Another thing that both my guys really love is putting on the Shrek Dance Party DVD and we all rock out to the music. :D I only do that when my husband isn´t home to laugh at me, though!

    We´ve enjoyed picnics in sheet tents, building rivers and dams in the dirt outside and creating soap bubble beards in the tub. I don´t play with my kids as often as I should or even want to, but it is definitely a part of our daily life.

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  • I'm so glad to see all of these people playing with their kids!! I crawl around after my son and tickle him. THen he stands in his crib and sqeals and I sqeal back, which gets him crazy excited and he starts sqealing more and laughing hysterically. We go to the pool or park and he splashes and/or swings. Of course, he's only 8 months so this is about all we can do. He's not really into most toys yet but he sure has a good time knowing that I'm joining in what he likes to do!

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  • Yes, my son is 22 months old and can now play. It is so great to follow his lead and participate in the activities he is interested in. This is time with him, whether it is reading, cuddling, hide and seek, playing with legos, or running down hills. I've learned that it is healthy for me to take this time away. I am learning to organize my time so that I can only focus on us. Sometimes it takes me a while to shut my brain off from the endless "to do" list. But I find that when I do, it is time that is priceless.

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  • I always played with my kids, down to their level...I taught them how to throw a football actually. Now that I'm a grandma of a very active 10 year old, I have learned how to play transformers, the Wii, we play pirates and so much more. I have also taught him to make cookies, and pretend to drive to Mexico for a day, and made it feel like a wonderful week-long action-packed vacation. We had the best time, got post cards, souvenirs and so much more. I'm 53 and I still play Matchbox cars with him too. I love it and wouldn't trade this time in my life for ANYTHING.

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  • As they get older, this becomes even more fun. My husband taught our son to play cribbage, and now they both play better than I do. We pack the board on vacations. Simple card games are a life skill.

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  • I play with them each morning before work. Cars, blocks or superheroes.
    And also play with them from 6-8 after work.
    baseball, soccor, ball, whatever. Chalk, blocks etc. or reading.
    Hubby does more physical stuff, like wrestle, and sports outside.
    He goes in all the play areas with them.
    I stay to the side at those playgyms and supervise. Someone is always crying at some point.

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