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Any nutrition experts out there? When is the best time, especially vis-a-vis meals, to take a multi-vitamin? I try to take a multi-vitamin that has calcium. I've heard that it's good to take a multi with meals b/c it helps with absorption...? But OTOH, many of my meals have calcium, and I also have read that if your body receives a certain amount of calcium in one sitting, it will only absorb so much and eliminate the rest. (B-fast is cereal w/ milk, I often have a yogurt with my lunch, and dinner, well, it varies.) I don't like taking a multi before bed b/c it doesn't sit well in my stomach as I try to go to sleep. Any suggestions? TIA!”

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  • Hi tkd_mama-

    The main reason to take a muti-vitamin with food is to avoid stomach upset. It is true that some vitamins and minerals you only absorb a certain amount but this is a higher probability with something like vitamin C. It looks like your calcium intake from food is good so you really only want to supplement the rest with your multivitamin. Too much calcium from food and supplements can limit the absorption of iron and zinc. So, the short answer is that you can take it whenever you want as long as you aren't taking any medications. That opens up a whole new can of worms. :)

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  • I'm with Nataly on this one. I'm not an expert but I figure taking a multi-vitamin ANY TIME is better than taking none at all. So I focus more on remembering to take it and don't worry so much about when. That said, I have heard that taking them before bed is a good plan but I have no clue why.

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  • I am no expert, but my main thought is to take a multi when I will definitely remember taking it -- so I try it with breakfast. I can't do it on an empty stomach, so that also helps.

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