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What's your worst-boss-ever story?”

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  • It was 1985 and I was a receptionist in an investment firm in the financial district of San Francisco. My immediate boss was the son of the owner of the firm. Tom was very large (politespeak for: "huge"), blonde and balding, and had a perfectly round, freckled face. He was not much older than I was. He would tell me about bringing girls in to have sex on his dad's desk, ask me to look at lingerie catalogs to help him pick out something for his girlfriend. He was really awful. He told he he had hired me because I was white and good looking-- he would not have hired a far more qualified person who was not white. I'd been there about six weeks when he started blaming me for things that had gone missing on the weekends when I wasn't there. He said, "Come see me after lunch. We need to talk. " I said, "I think we'd better talk now because I am not going to be here after lunch. I quit." What a pig.

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  • Wow, I'm a worst-boss magnet. There was the one who fired me when I called to say I was going to be out for my grandmother's funeral by telling me to look for a new job when I got back. Then there was the one who gave me increasingly short PIPs after eleven years of near-flawless service for making mistakes while I was finalizing a divorce, in a sling from a domestic dispute, and having biopsies and a lumpectomy. Let's not forget the one who had me working 20 hours a day prepping a huge presentation and called to let me go an hour before the presentation, saying, "another project manager will take it from here." (The entire company was let go two weeks later and folded.) My favorite has to be the one who offered me a huge salary, tons of options, benefits to beat the band, and promises to set the world on fire now that they had the perfect person after a year of searching -- only to let me go five days later, refusing to give me a reason. I think the founders were playing "mine is bigger and look how I can undermine you."

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  • Wow. So many to choose from is right, Eye Candy. Let's see. I think one of them, right up there, was when my boss told me I was lucky to still be teaching in the public schools considering that I was living in sin...

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  • So many to choose from...

    The one I always remember is from a consulting company where I worked early on in my career. We'd busted our butts on this one project and had a client presentation scheduled. We split up the various sections and were ready to go in and present - until our senior manager walked in, turned to me and said: "You just sit there with your pretty face and don't say a word. Your section is way too important for a novice analyst to talk about. You're better off being eye candy."

    True story. There were witnesses:) and for months after they nicknamed me Eye Candy...

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