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If you could afford to stay at home with your kids, would you still work?”

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  • Yes, I really thing I would. Right now I have to financially and I don't see that ever changing. But regardless I get a lot of satisfaction out of working and my daughter gets a lot out of daycare. The way I think about it is that some people are great doctors, some great teachers, and some people are great stay at home moms. As much as I love my daughter, I know I would not be great at home. I like a job that has a lot of interaction with people and that gives me a lot of control - that certainly doesn't match the job description of a stay at home mom! So I leave it to the professionals for the daytime care and I can't wait to get home every night at 5:30 to see that smile on my daughter's face.

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  • I am a cake and eating kinda gal. I WANT it ALL.

    I retired from Interior Design and now operate a marketing business for an Inc 500 international company from an office in my home. I love my work but I have flexability and TIME for my family. My business allows me to do Nonprofit work, work out at the gym every day and to help in the school from time to time.

    ............and I make more money now than I did working fulltime as a Designer.
    I have partnered with many women around the world to build an incredible business that will last a lifetime. I am always looking for agressive women who like to have cake and eat it. is my personal, recipes, good mom info, and an online journal

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  • Yes, I would most definitely still work, but probably part-time. I'd love to have more time with my daughter, and more time for myself, but I can't stand to be financially dependent on someone else.

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  • Wow, I guess I am in the minority here. I have found though that this is such a personal decision and so many things go into play. I love working and cherish my career, but I wish that I could take a 4-5 year sabbatical to be home full-time until my daughter goes to school. I just can't shake this feeling that work will always be there, but that these early years with my daughter are fleeting. However, as we all know - the world doesn't work that way. Getting a job that I enjoy again after 4 years away would be too challenging. So even tough I can afford to stay home, I am doing some freelancing/consulting (high level and within my former industry, collegues, etc) so that I can keep my contacts fresh and my career moving forward. For me, freelancing is really just a bridge to my eventual return when my daugher is a bit older.

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  • Yes - probably only part time and closer to home, but I feel like I wouldn't be myself as a SAHM. I think working makes me more balanced and probably a better wife and mother. I know me, if I were a SAHM I'd obsess over the small things and drive my family crazy....not someone I want to be.

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  • I'm already in this situation and yes I work PT and working probably costs me money, which doesn't make it any easier to come to a decision about whether to stay in my part-time job. I don't struggle anymore with questions about whether I'm a good mother or not. Now I wonder more if the incredible hassle of making it all work and whether the struggles with finding good childcare, making the family schedule work, and giving each child a little alone time, is worth the few hours of sanity I get sitting in my cubicle. One thing I love about working is that it creates enought time pressure that I'm not baking cookies, or going to bloomingdales just because towels are on sale. Working helps you cut out all the meaningless time-fillers and narrow down to just the activities you truly care about.

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  • My husband is the breadwinner. So I have the luxury of being able to assess what needs balancing. If money were no object, I would work as much as I could without throwing our family out of whack. I would also sacrifice working if I felt that my family really needed that....I would definitely cut our expenses down to the bare essentials if I felt that work was negatively impacting our family life.

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  • I also like working....where I am the breadwinner in the family I will always have to work. I probably would work less and closer to home....(I work 40+ hours a week and have about a 40 minute commute) if money weren't an issue! Although I definitely feel the same as Kimberly that I am more than a mother...(although some times people make me feel guilty for believing this...but that is another topic all together!!)

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  • Yes, but I'd only work part-time at things I *loved* doing.

    I would love the freedom to pick and choose professionallly, I would love the freedom to work for love, not money. I would enjoy being able to fill the rest of my day with domestic stuff, with family stuff, with friendship stuff, with ME stuff.

    My kids, much as I love them, would only be part of the appeal of being home!

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  • I have always worked, and always will. I take my daughter to work with me as often as I can to show her what I do, and what other women do there, and we always discuss money (how it is made, what jobs pay what, how to choose a career). I have been very lucky to be able to be at home whan she gets back from school, so I haven't had to make this choice.

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  • Kimberly, I love what you wrote and how you wrote it. I don't think I could have said it better and I feel exactly the same. I am the main breadwinner, so yes, I have to work. But I like to work and ever since creating Work It, Mom! I love to work. I get fulfillment and a sense of achievement and excitement from working that is entirely different from the amazing feelings I get being a mom. Both roles have their highs and lows, but truly, I could not imagine not doing either...

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  • I would absolutely still work. I love my kids, but I am more than my kids. I see a lot of value to being present for your children, to putting in that time with The Wheels on the Bus and the playgroups and the PTA. I've done that (and do it even thought I work) and done it well.

    But I am more than a mother. I am also myself. A strong, intelligent, professional woman who enjoys her career and is good at it. I get great fulfillment from being a mother (well, sometimes. Let's be honest, sometimes it really is a grind), but I also get great fulfillment from my work. Teaching is an outlet for me. It's a way to honour the parts of me that aren't a mother.

    I also think it's very important for my girls to understand that I don't work simply because I have to, that I work because I want to. I think it's important they have as a role model someone who has made choices in her life to value herself--her gifts, her talents, her interests. I'm proud to be able to be that role model for them.

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