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Do you have your own business? What do you do? Do you have more flexibility than if you worked for someone else?”

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  • I have my own business and I work for someone else. But I'm not very flexible on either because for me to make my business work, I have to treat it like it is a job, not a hobby. So I don't take too much time off and I do expect to work on my business each day.

    Certainly though, it terms of holidays and days off, I have the flexibility to say "nope, I'm not going to work from December 15 - Jan 2" whereas my regular job still needs me there.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Heather Cook (Writeonmama) on 13th September 2007

  • Yes, in a sense...I'm an independent contractor affliated with one the large GMAT prep companies. I get all my work through the company, but I theoretically have a great deal of flexibility as far as how much/when I want to work.

    However, I also have a regular full-time job, so that constrains me a bit.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by TracyB on 13th September 2007