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Do you have a 529 plan set up for your kids? How old were they when you started it?”

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  • yes I opened it when he was only a few months old. I haven't add money to it but it's had a starting money in it so I have to look at it again.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Stel on 3rd July 2008

  • Started it I think somewhere around when my son was 1-ish. He's now 8. Gulp. Tictoc. Also thinking about whether to reduce the funds going into it so that we'll have more $$ for private school, should we go that route for middle or HS. Our elem in our town is great, but NOT hearing good things about middle/HS. - Paula.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by tkd_mama on 24th June 2008

  • Yes. 4 and 7.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Michele on 24th June 2008

  • Yes
    We started when I got pg with each.
    They are now almost 3 and 4.5
    Long way to go ;)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by DebR on 23rd June 2008

  • We have a 529 plan- started it this year. The kids are 3 and 1...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Earthmama on 23rd June 2008

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