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Hi! A genie grants you 3 wishes for improving your child's daycare. What would you wish for?”

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  • I would wish that infants had more quiet places to sleep so they could get a real nap. I would wish that the kids didn't get sick as much as they do. Constant Colds and Viruses is so horrible. I would also with that the daycare was at my work. It would be so great to popin and see them. I also think the responsiveness would be better when they know we are 100 yards away.

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  • I don't have a child in daycare but I am a Pre-k teacher in a childcare setting. One side is a school 3 pre-k classes 1 state 1 non state. I am the non state teacher. the other side is daycare 4 weeks-2yrs.
    My wish #1 That parents would spend more time teaching their little one's respect for other adults and children
    #2 Parents would treat the daycare teacher like they would any other teacher ( elementry, high school) we work very hard yet most parents treat us like we don't know anything and are not worthy of respect
    #3 I wish daycare teachers had higher pay and benefits.

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  • Well, I only have one wish and that is for her not to have more time off than I and my hustband combined. Other than that she is great but due to the time off issue we had to find my daughter a new daycare center, instead of a at-home daycare.

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  • Number one would have to be that the care is affordable. I'm getting to the point where I'll have to quit my job since I don't make that much after day care & gas!!! I also like the idea of access to sports & community events that happen during the day while I'm at work. I would love to have my daughter here at my work as well, for me to take my lunch & breaks with her. We would both benefit from more time together.

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  • I use a licensed home daycare with a GREAT provider and a low adult:child ratio... BUT,

    Wish #1: for it to my AT my worksite so that I could spend my lunch break with my daughter and read her a story before her nap

    Wish #2: for all the food to be organic, whole grain, and no HFCS

    Wish #3: a little more structure/instruction in pre-school skills.

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  • I would ask for the drop off time to be more flexible (he has to be there way too early, 8am, and even with a dr appt it's 10am latest with a note), for them to make their pick up time later (it's 5pm now or I pay $1 a minute), for him to not have to wear a uniform when he turns one, and for them not to be closed so many random days (teacher planning days) throughout the year. The rules are what bother me! Other than that, the teacher/child ratio is great and everything else seems to be way above standard so right now I put up with all the rules. Although we seem to think that the owner has a control freak thing going.

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  • Only one wish:

    Access to community sports and recreation programs. In my community kids start these programs at 3 and 4 years old. They all seem to happen in the afternoon during working hours with no weekend times. This is especially troublesome for early grade school kids in afterschool programs. When sports are so much a part of socialization and growing up, this lack of involvement is troublesome.

    Make daycare and afterschool programs integrate more with the community.

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  • I'd wish for small class sizes so there would be plenty of one-on-one attention, more hands-on mucking around tactile learning (like doing crafts that don't just involve paper and crayons and paint), and that it cost less (though I'd want the caregivers to get even more than they earn now. We're wishing here, right?)

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  • good ratio of caregiver to children. 1 to 3 or 1 to 4 is ideal. I worked with babies in a 1 to 4 ratio and 3-yr-olds in a 1-10.

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  • I would ask for better hours and better nutrition. So many daycares have inconvenient hours for someone who works outside the home and has to commute. And from my experience children always come home hungry from daycare. If the staff paid a little more attention and made a little extra effort to make sure the children eat, that would be nice.

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  • I don't know if I have three, but one for sure -- I'd love for the kids to not take naps on those small mats and rather have little beds instead. I know it's a lot to ask and there are space issues, but I think it would make naptime so much more comfortable (and maybe help my daughter sleep vs play!)

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