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How long before you gave birth did you go on maternity leave?”

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  • I worked up until my due date. I started dialating Friday and was due Monday and the doctor figured he was coming out over the weekend. My employer did not want me in the office just in case because he didn't want anything going wrong and it being his fault. But then I stopped contracting and remained at the same dialation for another week and had to be induced! After the birth, I was off for a little over two months with no pay but we struggled through it anyway. I was tired and confused and could barely move after my emergency c-section. (I went through labor and had to get an emergency c-section after 2 hours of pushing.) It took me a while to feel like a normal person again.

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  • I went into labor at work and finished out my 12 hour shift.

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  • About two hours before I was induced... : )

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  • With the first, two weeks before due date.
    With second, four months before due date. Horrible work environment. I had to get out.

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  • I am amazed at the responses! I too run my own business and I worked right up until the day I was scheduled for a c-section and had my Blackberry on in the hospital bed on the second day. Although I am not the sole breadwinner, my income is very important to our family and I did not have any time off afterwards to really "recover". If I have it to do again, I would take at least a week after the delivery so that I am not as overwhelmed. For those who have paid leave, I hope you take whatever you are entitled to take but I would SO recommened working as long as possible and taking the time on the back end to handle the adjustment.

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  • With my first child, I went on maternity leave/gave notice one month before my due date (turned out to be six weeks before my due date). Second child: I began telecommuting in my seventh month and did not return to the office until four months postpartum.

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  • With my boys, I worked up until a few hours before heading to the hospital. With my second, I actually had a deadline the following day, so I was working like mad to try and finish it. :S I didn`t make it, the contractions were too painful and I couldn`t focus on the articles, so I had to get another writer to do them.

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  • I had a planned c-section for a Monday morning, I worked up to Sunday night.
    I was a high-risk pregnancy (gestational diabetes, breech baby, started having contractions in my second trimester, the whole nine yards) and worked retail through the holidays. I was working 10 hour days on my feet on cement, climbing ladders, lifting and carrying boxes, unloading trucks, everything that I normally did. I think it's a waste of time to take maternity leave early. Why use the time to sit around and wait for the baby? I would much rather have paid time off to spend with my little one!
    I was actually told to slow down working, but I didn't have anyone else offering to pay my bills so what choice did I have?

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  • I worked most of the day that my labor started. I went late afternoon because I realized that at some point it'd be too painful to drive home. I called my husband around 5:30 that evening and let him know that baby would be coming sometime soon and -- no hurry -- but could he please come home? He was home 20-30 mins later and we were at the hospital a couple of hours later. Baby born 5 hours afterwards.

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  • Was getting ready for work in the morning when my water broke - at that point I realized the back pain I had been having all night was labor! I did get put on reduced work load by doc - she restrcted me to a 7 hour workday or threatened to put me on ealry medical leave. I had emergency c-section so I was out for 8 weeks after and was able to work full time split mornings 5 hours at office & 3 hours at home home -

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  • My last day of work was the Friday before she was born. She was born on Tuesday so not much time in between...

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  • We are suppose to take two weeks, but my kids were early so I think I ended up with a week off before they were born.

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