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I am just curious to see what everyone else's births went like. My son turned a year today and I am going over the insanity of his birth in my head. Nothing went as we thoguht it would. I had to be induced at 42 weeks, the labor was horrible, the drugs would wear off before I was allowed more drugs, I pushed for hours on oxygen while his heartrate dropped and in the end had to have an emergency c-section. I really and truly thought I was gonna die during the process it was so painful. He just did not want to come out and we had to force him in every way! Now, i just want to hear other women's birth stories, good and bad!”

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  • I have 2 wonderful little girls with wonderful birth stories to match. Both of my daughters were natural childbirth in a birthing center in NY, however my second daughter was a water birth. In order to make a long story short, I knew I wanted natural birth, no drugs and a midwife only. ( unless the baby was in danger)

    My first daughter I was in labor for 16 hours, no drugs, but my midwife spoke to me with the help of my husband and I had the mental ability to push her out. ( and it was the hardest thing I have ever dine, and I am very proud)

    My second daughter, I wanted to do something different, I remained with my midwife however I opted for a "water birth" at the birthing center. Having a water birth in a jacuzzi does not help with the pain, it is a great experience and something I am proud of. And my first daugheter was able to see her sister born in the water, that was a great moment for me. But by no means think that have a baby in the water is going to alliviate any pain!!!!.. NO WAY!!! But you will experience something with the assistance of your midwife or doula you will have something you will remember for years and be proud of yourself for. No drugs!!! I truly beleive that women are made to have children naturally without assitance from drugs. All you need are positve people and words of encouragment in your ear at during the childbirth process.

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  • I was scheduled to be induced on the Friday before my delivery date. I have high blood pressure and the doctor didn't see any reason to wait, it would just put more stress on my body. The day before my induction I started false labor. We spent the day at the hospital and then went home when nothing happend.
    We arrived at 6:00am on Friday morning for my induction. The doctor started the medication to induce me and broke my water right away, I was only 2cm dialated at the time. I was given an epidural right away. With my high blood pressure they didn't think it would be a good idea for me to ride out the pain, it would send my body into shock or something. Unfortunally my blood pressure went up and down all day and I was throwing up the whole time, which didn't help since I had breakfast at 5:00am and nothing else to eat. Plus the epidural wasn't in correctly and only worked on the left side of my body, so I had to have that one taken out and a new one put in.
    Finally after 12 hours of labor and little progress they decided to do a C-section. I got to the watch the whole thing by accident. The light covers were metal in the operating room and all I got to look at was the ceiling so I watched them cut my abdomen open and pull out my son. They brought him over for me to look at then took him away. I spent a little over an hour recovering from the c-section cause my blood pressure wouldn't stablize. I kept trying to get them to bring the baby in so I could see him and hold him, but they wouldn't. It upset me greatly since I had only seen him for a moment, which didn't do wonders for my blood pressure.
    Finally the nurse said I could go to my room since she had a friend at the hospital having a baby and needed to leave to go to the birth. She conned some other nurses into taking me to my room and so finally I got to my room and situated and they brought my beautiful baby boy in. It made the whole day worth while when I finally got to hold him.

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  • My first was induced. I was a week and a half late. I had my mother and mother - in - law staying with me and they would both look at me everyday like they were waiting for paint to dry, so I begged to be induced. I actually first asked for a C-section because I had a feeling that's what I would need. The Doc said no.

    Potosum, then broke my water...slowly dialated. 17 hrs later....

    Epidural guy was MIA in the hospital. Felt contractions...epi guy arrives...AAAAH! I felt relief.

    My little guy still wouldn't come out. Failed vacuum.

    Well, what do you know "EMERGENCY C" I ran a fever.

    Then my lil guy had a rough start and was rushed to NICU 8 hrs. later.
    He's o.k.. now.

    2nd one:

    My Dr. :"How would you like to proceed..C-Section or V?"
    Me: C...C....C.....and I LOVED IT!!! 20 minutes and DONE!

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  • my 1st. - I was 20 yrs. old. I was in labor for 8 hrs. had a spinal- they had to wake me up to push-so was
    really out of it for everything. Knew it was time to go the hospital because my water broke and contractions
    got too much to handle at home. Baby #1- 7 lbs. 12 oz.
    Baby #2- had moved out to NV. No Insurance so went to a birthing Clinic- had the baby and a few hrs. went home. Was in labor about 6 hrs. - natural - no drugs. Baby #2 - 7lbs. 15 oz.
    Baby #3- 28 yrs. old now- contractions getting stronger and went to hospital- was already 1/2 way
    dilated - arrived at hospital at 2:45 p.m. and daughter # 3 was born at 3:17 p.m. No time for any thought of drugs- so natural delivery. Smallest daughter 6lbs. 12 oz. easiest baby...
    Baby # 4 - 38 yrs. old now. went in the hospital week before- false labor- sent home- went back week
    later this time for real - over 10 hrs labor-longest labor for me and biggest baby. Baby #4 was 8 lbs
    14 oz. had complications during labor-seizors - me during labor and delivery- never found out the reason- but my Celiac Disease-my parents thought I outgrew as a child- you don't so I was low on
    potassium...among others. And could have been the reason...Your guess as good as
    mine. Oh I had drugs this time- could they have caused the complications...yes.

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  • Nothing went according to plan. The plan was to have an at home water birth with a midwife. Two days before my daughter was born the midwife came to strip my membranes and made the unpleasant discovery that our little one was breech. The next day my contractions started, and tried everything to get her to turn (including going to the local pool and doing underwater handstands, laying upside down on an inverted ironing board with frozen veggies on my belly and burning moxie sticks between my toes.)

    The contractions continued, so I eventually had to go to the hospital where they were going to try to turn her manually. They got me prepped for a c-section before-hand in case things went badly. The doctor tried to turn babyjama but she wouldn't budge and her heartrate started to fall. They took her out QUICKLY. I was pretty upset about the whole thing at first. I had really looked forward to the experience of giving birth. I still look forward to the experience, but I don't feel like I was a failure anymore for my first experience. I hope to VBAC in the future!

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  • Ok I loved mine! It was the first time I was able to be still & relax, (& the last) I started a family later than my sisters, their children are in the 20's and my Baby is not 2 yet. I had my epidural & I knew I was going to need a c-section, I never dropped, my Dr did not believe me, after 12 hours of labor (after being induced) I got to 9 cm but the baby would not ever move down. she apologized & said let's have that C-section, Turns out with my anatomy I will always have to have a C-section, The hospital stay was wonderful, we even stayed 2 hours after we were told we could go home, so my husband could finish watching his football game there in the hospital room, hey we paid for it for the day :) Hoping the next time will be just a good!

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  • Oh my gosh! Just know that it is different every time. I have two and they were both very different, night and day.

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  • Wow! Everybody's experience is so different. Genesis, your first birth sounds terrible!

    While pregnant, I had told my OBGYN that I did not want an epidural automatically. I told him that I had a high tolerance for pain and I would let them know if it was necessary. AS soon as I went into labor, I was screaming for drugs! I think because I was induced it produced really hard contractions - I've heard that from some other people. The pain was so horrible it was 100 times worse than I had ever imagined.

    I also had a nasty nurse who was yelling at me through the whole thing. The night nurse had been great but she left right before the whole thing got really crazy and I was stuck with a nasty nurse. She was yelling at me because I was in so much pain I could barely sit up to get the epidural. Then she yelled at me while I was pushing, telling me that I had to work harder when I was doing the best that I could. I actually stopped pushing and yelled at her back! My son was stuck, as in his head completely stuck somehow on my pelvic bone which is the reason he wasn't coming out, not because I wasn't pushing hard enough!

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  • Gracious. Time for some happy birth stories! I've had three.

    #1: 16 hours. Woke at 11 p.m. with a contractions, but stayed in bed and slept between them. By five in the morning, I was too uncomfortable to sleep at all, and we went to hospital. They told me I was 2 cm and to go home until the contractions were 5 min or less apart.

    "FINE!" I said. "I am not going back until I KNOW this is really happening!" So we went home, and I paced, and I did the breathing, and I leaned against the wall with the contractions. I ate a little when I was hungry, sipped water when I was thirsty, I paced and breathed and paced and breathed...

    At noon, we went back. I was five cm! By 2:30, I was fully dilated and pushing, and at 3:16 p.m., I held my perfect baby girl in my arms. No drugs, no episiotomy.

    #2: It might have been the way he was sitting, but I had a lot of back pain with this prenancy. In the last month, it had gotten so bad, and I needed so many pillows to make me comfortable, that I was sleeping on the pull-out couch in the livingroom. (Strangely, it was more comfy to me than our bed.) One night, about 5 days after he was due, the backache was particularly strong.

    I reached around behind me for one of the masses of pillows to tuck between my legs, when I felt a sort of a "POP"... and my thighs were wet. 12:05 a.m., and my waters had broken. With that, the contractions started, hard, fast and fierce. (Of course, that "particularly bad backache" all day had likely been contractions...)

    We headed out immediately to the hospital. We had only been there a few minutes when it was time to push. It was all going so fast, that I panicked and started to scream. The midwife (my doc hadn't arrived yet) pushed her face into mine and said very sternly, "You are NOT helping yourself." It was exactly what I needed. I took a deep breath and started to push. Four pushed later, he was born, all 9 lb, 10 oz of him -- at 1:34 a.m. -- only 89 minutes after my water broke! (And no tearing, only some "skid marks".)

    #3: With a precipitous birth in our history, we considered a home birth for the third, but midwives weren't then covered under our health care, so we couldn't afford it. (Better safe at home, we figured, than in a car on the way to the hospital!) With home birth not an option, we scoped out a really nice birthing centre, staffed by midwives, in a nearby hospital. I was teaching prenatal classes at the time, and so gave my two older kids (then 7 and 4) some child-focussed labour prep, too, because they were coming to the birth.

    I was woken at three a.m. by the contractions. I had breakfast, and when the older two kids woke up, we started going for walks around the block. My husband timed the contractions, and my seven-year-old wrote them down in a chart. (I still have that. So sweet!)

    We headed for the birthing centre, where our friend (who would be tending to the older children while my husband tended to me) was waiting. We walked around the rooms, we breathed, we chatted between contractions. We cooed over my friend's 3-month-old baby, who, being breastfed, was with mama.

    When the time came to push, I did NOT want to be leaning back, so the midwives raised the top of the bed to make a chair-shaped bed, and I kneeled on the lower part while leaning into the upper. The midwives were behind me. At 11:46 a.m., just about 9 hours after the first contraction, my baby girl was born.

    "Why is she all purple like that?" my 4-year-old wanted to know.
    "She just hasn't started breathing air yet," his 7-year-old sister informed him. "Just wait a minute and she'll turn pink." (She's 22 now, and every bit as smart still.)

    We bathed her and wrapped her up, then brought out the birthday cake with five candles -- one for each member of the family. We sang "Happy Birthday" to her, then her older sibs gave her the gifts they'd brought (loved old toys, too young for them now).

    We went home five hours later.

    Every birth is a miracle!

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  • When I was eight months pregnant I had gotten really sick and dehydrated so much so that I ended up in the hospital for 9 days, got transferred to a different hospital. Contractions were coming but not regularly. I had an infection that (thank the Lord) did not effect the baby and I ultimately had to take iv antibiotics. I had tachycardia (slow heart beat), swelling like I had never had before (gained 10 pounds in 3 days in water weight) and couldn't keep food down.
    A month later I had the easiest delivery a woman could have wished for!!! I was induced on a day my doctor picked at 6 am and at 10 they broke my water. At 1130 I got my epidural. An hour and 11 minutes before I turned 31, my hubby and I delivered the most beautiful baby girl. I "gave" her the birthday so I'm always 30....we had an Awesome Luau for our birthdays this year!!
    Congrats on the birthday of your baby! Good job, Mom.

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  • My first was three weeks late and had to be induced. I`m in Guatemala, so there was no pain relief, and the first induction attempt didn`t work. I ended up sitting there all day in the hospital bed, no food, waiting for the darn thing to kick in. Finally, they gave me another pill and at 9 pm I went into HARD labor. As in, it didn`t get worse, not even at the end, it was full on, 1 minute contractions every minute until 5 am. AWFUL! I was begging for a C-section. When I dilated to 6 cm, they put me on a metal gurney and took me to the hall outside the birthing room where I stayed, listening to other women have their babies. When I reached 10 and my body started to push, they told me to just wait because they were busy. :( Well, that baby wasn`t waiting. Not after all those hours of hard labor. He was born a minute after they got me onto the birthing table! It was a horrible experience. There were no doctors, only interns and they gave me an episiotomy, despite my telling them not to and botched it really badly. The girl who did it called a bunch of her friends over after to look at the mess she`d made. They were all peering at me going, "whoa, I`ve never seen that before." And wouldn`t tell me what. :S

    Anyway, the second baby came along real fast after the first and I was totally stressed about the hospital experience and decided to have him at home. But he wouldn`t come out! Finally, my midwife had to go in for surgery and of course, I went into labor that day, but didn`t progress at all. So I went to my doctor and he did an ultrasound, told me the baby was out of amniotic fluid and stripped my membranes, saying I`d have to be induced if the baby wasn`t here by morning.

    Well, I went into proper labor about an hour later and labored at home. Finally, I went to the hospital around 9 pm. The interns there checked me and I was only 1 cm, despite having been at 5 earlier in the afternoon. Just too much stress. So I went home, walked outside and hung onto my hubby until I seriously couldn`t move anymore and headed back at midnight. This time I was at 7 cm. so they let me in. It was a TOTALLY different experience. There were two female doctors who helped me breathe and were very sweet with me, not yelling for me to shut up like the interns had. And there were barely any other babies born that night (as opposed to THIRTY the night I had my first). When my second son came into the world, naturally and untraumatically, all the nurses oohed and ahhed over him and I was actually feeling pretty good!

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  • Wow, Yvonne! that first one sounds terrible!

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