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Any suggestions to help keep my toddlerâ??s head from falling forward when in his car seat - I have tried the Kiddoptamus adjustable head support ok for a baby but not a toddler â?? We have a Safeguard car seat. ”

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  • We actually purchased the "Rest Upright Pillow" and it worked - The ist time he pushed it away now he likes it. I will also try to tilt the chair a little and see if that helps as well. Thanks Lisa

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Older Mom on 4th September 2008

  • I adjusted the actual "seat" in the car. I reclined it just a bit so his head does not fall. I mean just a tad bit and it worked.

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  • Thanks Paige - When Sam was little I bought a pillow like for traveling on a plane it held his head up - I put it around the front not the back and that worked for us - - I did try the coddler pillows but that pushed him to forward - but now Sam is 3 and 40" tall - I just ordered the "Rest Upright Pillow" we will see how that works . Lisa

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Older Mom on 29th August 2008

  • I tend to use a blanket, and that works for my 2month old. it is not perfect but better than noting.

    Good luck

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Paige on 28th August 2008

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