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I am looking for a way to lower my phone my bill. I was thinking about checking out Vonage. Does anyone on this site us Vonage and tell me how they like, I am open to any advice on phone sevice. ”

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  • We use Vonage for our home phone and have loved it for two plus years now. As long as you have a reliable internet connection I cannot imagine any problems with it. The price is right. I read other people comments below about echoes and problems with the service but we have never had any of it. I would go for it.

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  • Debra- I have Tracfone too. My youngest (16 yrs) and I for over 1 yr. now and just got one for my hubby.
    I love having a phone and costing less than-way less than 9$ a month. Can't beat that and it's used only when necessary so for us works out great.

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  • we use vonage and we love it, no problems so far and we have had it a year or so

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  • We just got rid of vonage. I experienced a lot of dropped calls, echoes, etc. It was really annoying. We also stopped using Verizon because of all the little annoying charges and paying a bill of $200 and not really calling anyone.

    Now we are using another cheap cable phone service and it seems to be working fine so far.

    I AM SO GOING TO LOOK INTO TRACFONE. Thanks for the tip.

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  • My parents use Vonage. There are some great things about it and some not so great things about it. I know they get a great price which includes unlimited long distance (a huge plus). They love that part. What I've noticed though is that sometimes strange things happen with the calls. Sometimes their phone line won't be working for a few minutes, or all of a sudden I won't be able to hear what they are saying. They have it on their land line, but they get reception almost as if it were a cell's a little spotty. 90% of the time there are no problems, but it's kind of annoying when there are.

    I'd say if you're really into saving the money then it's worth it. If you have to have you calls super clear (like if you're using this line for business) might want to pay a little extra for more reliability.

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  • Well, we ended up going with Tracfone, which is a pay-as-you-go cell phone service. It's basically the cheapest option out there and perfect for people who only want very basic service. My cell bill went from $40 per month to $6 per month. I'm not kidding. :) This is a beautiful thing for me, but it wouldn't work for anyone who uses their cell a lot. Good luck!

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