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I'm 24 years old happily married to my hubb for one yr,we have a baby boy he's 4 month (our 1st) and at the moment we are living with my parents we are trying to save money to move out but the thing is that I feel like my son is starting to love my mother (his babysitter) more than he does me ;( I feel so hurt because I feel that my mom loves the idea that my son loves her more now because she always makes it a point. I need advice on what to do I wish I could be a stay at home mom but right now it's impossible. Thanks in advance!!!! ”

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  • Well as the "Mimie" My daughter and I also had the same stuff happen. It wasn't intentional or anything but....She started to rely on momma to much and I was the one that had to say hey you are the mommie not me....When they got sick or if they wanted to go out or needed sleep soooo my husband and I talked and we came to an agreement that she had to start spending more time with them and not me and I wasn't mean about it all.....and 2 mo ago she and her husband got their first apartment. We get along great. Much better no tension. Good luck!

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  • I can relate.
    But please, dont let her get to you.
    No matter how much time she spends with him, YOU AND ONLY YOU are the MOM.
    He may be entertained by her and yes he loves her. BUT THERE IS NO COMPARISON.
    you cant see it yet, he is only 4mo old. Wait and see.
    No matter what, that baby will always run into your arms first .

    Just encourage your mom and dont let her think it bothers you.
    She needs to know you are a confident young woman who knows who she is.
    A great MOM!

    Do things solo with your son, and take pics, tell stories in front of your hubby of things he did while you were together. Go to local places as a family. Even the grocery store, any family time is good time.

    Tell your mom if you are still feeling this way. Ask for her to respect you.

    best of luck

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