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Any advice on how to get a 7 week old to nap during the day? My son is sleeping through the night (about 10 hours), but will not stay asleep during the day if we put him in his crib. He will stay asleep on my lap after nursing or if held. The swing does not put him to sleep but he will sleep if I take him for a walk or a drive, but this is not practical because I will be going back to work in 3 weeks! Is this a phase?”

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  • Wow, my kids still don`t sleep through the night and the oldest is nearly 3! Neither of mine napped well, either. I think you should just enjoy the cuddles for now and let the daycare figure out how to work with him. If you really want to get him into a routine first, then maybe try putting your sweater that you`ve just taken off in his crib and laying him on top of it. My son used to sleep better when he could smell me.

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  • Wow at 7 weeks old they always not all the time get their night time and day time sleep mixed up be patient mom I have been there and done that...Does he sleep on you all the time? Or put a musical
    box in his crib...

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  • I so know how you felt. I was so nervous about sending my son to daycare w/o a schedule nap or feeding time. My son only napped for about 20 mins. unless it was on me. If on me he/we'd sleep for like an hour (I miss that now). I'm going to tell you the best advice that every single one of my collegues that are working mom's told me...don't worry about schedules or naps. Your daycare provider and child will get it all worked out. Guess what...they were SOOOO right. My son (and my coworkers said the same) did better for the daycare on a daily basis than my son did w/ me. I think he felt my anxiety. Rock him, hold him, nurse him to sleep and enjoy these moments because when they are over you can never get them back. Oh and 10 hours at night...lucky you! Lots of luck and best wishes to you and your family.

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  • What a cutie. Maybe he is just trying to get all the Mommy time he can before you go back to work. That's really good that he is sleeping through the night already.

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