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Does your husband help cook or clean-up? My husband is always in charge of the BBQ - that is his domain. I'll let you know my answer later.”

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  • Yep! There is nothing like a man that'll cook! I bought my husband an apron that says "the bitch stopped cooking". It is pretty funny, and it works! It is sort of a given now, and I come home to dinner on the table almost every night! I got the apron at if you need to give him a subtle hint, haha.

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  • I do all the cooking except when it comes to the grill. And on weekends if i am licky he loves to cook breakfast on Sundays. Which I love breakfast in bed. He does help clean once in a while. Sometimes he lets me sleep in I will get up and the whole house is clean. He never goes grocery shopping that is my job since i do 99 percent of the cooking. He rarely even goes to the store unless its fleet farm. Or I absoluelty need something and am at home already. He likes to make me messes though. He rarely gets a chance to clean because I am a clean freak and i do it right away unless i am tired. And our two year old loves to clean. He knows when we go to leave the house he starts picking up his toys right away, puts his dirty clothes in the washer loves to help me put them in the dryer. Teach them young.

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  • momof2lovelies- Love your hubby used to love to make hamburger helper until found out we can't eat no more box mixes. So he doesn't cook as much as he used to. Also the older he gets the harder it is to get him to help.(with anything) He is a big mess maker also. My 16 yr. old usually encourages him to do things to help.(and eat right) Your answer made my day, thanks.
    DebR- your a lucky woman...not to many that helpful.
    Thanks for all the input Ladies... your the greatest.

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  • No doesn't cook outside a can of soup.
    No doesn't clean up unless asked too.
    No doesn't do BBQ unless asked.

    Yes- my husband eats
    Yes - my husband make a mess

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  • My husband does 50% or prob more of everything.
    He doesnt cook well, so I enjoy that. But I dont clean well, so he takes care of cleaning.
    We both run errands, food shop and do chores.
    He will bathe the kids and help with homework if I am out or busy,
    I do most of the kid stuff and he does the outdoor work.
    it is a true partnership that works well for us,. he is my best friend.
    We both work full time

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  • Wow Kim- your husband is real good- does the dishes everyday and does the grocery shopping too. I take care of making sure all the bills are paid. do the grocery shopping and most of the cleaning. But I do have a daughter that is really nice about helping me. Your husband would make some people jealous. I'm one.

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  • My husband cooks on weekends and days I just really don't feel like cooking. Usually he gets home too late to cook during the week. My husband doesn't help clean too much, but he DOES do the dishes every day. He also does the grocery shopping. I hate shopping for food unless I'm browsing and can buy what I like. But in exchange for grocery shopping, I'm the one who always has to take care of the bills.

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  • My husband is the one that cooks. We all clean up. Everyone does their fair share.

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  • Yes- I agree that when he helps things get lost and when he cooks inside-they get very messy. Glad I like to clean-lol. Yes Genesis- Cleaning counts- it helps so whatever helps counts, right. Thanks for the input.

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  • We don't own a grill, so moot point for that. Hubby doesn't really cook, but knows the basics for when I'm out (e.g. had a school mtg last night), especially for our son's dinner. We tend to cook the same meals over and over, and while yes, it can get tiresome, the familiarity makes for ease of execution, which as working stiffs, we are grateful for. But he does tons of other household chores. He has my undying gratitude. :-) - Paula.

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  • My husband does cook and help clean-up a few times a week. On nights when we have a later activity he does dinner and cleans up since I'm out with the kids and don't have time to get things prepped and ready to go. Other times, he just gets in the mood for a certain food and will cook it up. I love those nights! I do most of the cooking since I enjoy it. The clean-up switches between the two of us depending on what the kids need or are doing.

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  • If you`re talking about cooking only, then no, my husband doesn`t help. He doesn`t usually clean up the kitchen unless he`s already in cleaning mode, but he does get into these cleaning fits where he polishes the whole house (not that hard since it`s less than 200 square feet). He tends to put things back in the wrong spot, and he`s not good at washing dishes, I often have to redo them. I actually prefer that he NOT help in the kitchen because the next time I want to cook I can`t find my grater or frying pan because he`s put it somewhere (like in the oven or on top of the fridge) where I wouldn`t think to look in a million years.

    That being said, he does take care of things like changing diapers and even washes clothes sometimes (by hand!), so I really can`t complain.

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