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Your investment updates: read (and fret) or toss in the recycle bin? I'll go first: I'm tossing them. There's nothing I can do about the economy so why let it raise my blood pressure??”

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  • I get frustrated b/c I don't really understand how to read them. But I'm finally starting to transition to electronic copies instead of keeping paper copies that I don't read but I'm afraid to throw away. Yeah, irrational, I know. - Paula.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by tkd_mama on 13th November 2008

  • This reminds me: I heard a pearl of wisdom on NPR yesterday from some investment talking head - "don't confuse volatility with loss." I found that enormously helpful: I am trying to remember that it's not a loss unless you're needing to cash out right now.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 13th November 2008

  • Tossing them. Without opening. What's the point of seeing the horror!?:)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 13th November 2008

  • I actually read mine because my dear husband changed some of our investments around before everything started to tank. I wanted to see how bad it would have been had he not done that. I'm very glad he was thinking ahead. But from now on...I think I will not bother looking at them for awhile.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by marathonmom on 13th November 2008

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