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My 2-year-old has pink eye. Getting the ointment into his eyes is next to impossible. Have any other moms had to deal with this? How did you do it?”

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  • The ointment they gave us for my son worked as long as we got just the tiniest bit in his eye...the blinking spread it around. But we had to do the two man husband held while I put the drops in. It sucks but it is one of the necessary evils, no?

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  • Have you ever heard the home solution to pink eye? Baby shampoo! It worked on my eyes. But i would use the solution once he is asleep. But also use the bs!! Hope this helps.

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  • We went the traumatic route. I held our screaming, wriggeling son while my husband tried to get some of the stuff in. Didn't work well, but pink eye eventually went away. As long as you get SOME in, I think you're good.

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  • Going through this now. Our daughter is pretty good. i let her see the tube of ointment and let her hold it while I put it in her eyes. I lay her on the bed and position myself opposite her (feet facing opposite directions). And then pull her lower lid open and smear out form the inner corner. I have the ointment on 2 fingers, so I don't have to reload. Good luck!

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  • Duct tape. And then a nice stiff drink (for you!).

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  • This is my mom's trick: have him close his eyes. (I'm pretty sure this is NOT the problem...if he's like my two-year-old, his eyes are screwed shut pretty tightly while you're doing this, no? :))

    Anyway, put a few drops of the ointment in the inside corner of his eye (closest to his nose) and wait until he opens his eyes. The ointment will go into them then, and it's not so traumatic. (I've done this on myself, and it works well.) It's best if he's lying down when he finally opens his eyes, but if that's not possible...well...a little ointment is better than none at all, right?

    Good luck!

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  • We had the same problem. Luckily our daughter is a pretty heavy sleeper so I would get some in after she went to sleep. But honestly I don't think I ever succeeded in getting much in and it still went away.

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