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If you run your own business, how did you come up with the idea for it?”

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  • Hi. My name is Jill and I have 2 children, 12 and 2. They lead very separate and busy lives and I decided to quit my job and stay at home with them. I found this great work at home opportunity and I just wanted to share it with all of you. The company is called the Mom Team and it had been around since 1999. We are backed by the BBB. It has been a great, steady income and been very flexible so I can schedule to work around my kid's schedules. If anyone is interested you can go to for more information or if you want to give me a call you can. My number is 678-417-7694. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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  • How did I come out my business idea?

    When my sons were young, I had a difficult time to find the soft and fit enough shoes for them (maybe because of I was toooo picky). I took a lot of pictures for my sons when they were young. One of my sons who could draw very well, and I alway keep all his drawings. I was thinking about how to keep those of drawings and photos tangible.

    My sister has involved shoe industry over twenty years. One day, she approached me to ask whether I want to have this business with her to create an individual customized shoes for kids, she has this idea for a long while but no one can or willing to produce pair by pair, because shoes have a lot of technique/moulds involved is required to be made by mass production. But she had found a special machine can achieve our goal to get our idea accomplished. After few months of researching, we decided to go for our on line business to have picture or drawing on material that you choose to help moms who want some unique shoes with their babies or want to design their own baby shoe to make their dream come true.

    This website not only bases on a dream but my sister's expertly experience of shoes.

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  • I got tired of working for someone else. Prior to starting Creative Zone, Inc. I worked for a lot of companies. But always, I had the burning desire to build my own company. I didn't want to create "me too" products that anyone could come up. My goals was to create products that had a "gotta have' appeal. Now my goal is to find stay at home moms who want to make extra money and build a home based business. Making money is great, but helping others change their finacial situation by giving them the tools to change their life is much more rewarding. And to be honest, this is why I have joined this group.

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  • I actually thought I was going to be an engineer but discovered choreography in college. My parents raised us (sister and I) to be well-informed, outspoken, socially responsible and this way of sharing opinions and ideas with movement/music/writing/theater completely changed the way I saw my potential to be an integral part of the social fabric (or at least to feel that way) In many respects my work with my company (dance) is about sharing ideas and experiences and trying to find ways to allow others to do the same. I firmly believe that there are not enough spaces where we feel important or valued and for those unfamiliar with more contemporary post-modern dance it might seem ridiculous to do it with a dance company, but then you have to get to the point of understanding,as I did, the incredible potential that art has to shape social and somtimes political discourse. I knew that I didn't want to spend my performing life being a dancer for someone else because I had clear ideas about how I wanted to work; so the company was born. we have only been incorporated for a year and are in the midst of doing a strategic plan for an institute that serves the broader mission of the company outside of performances.... along the way I have been asking myself the same questions. What do you REALLY want to be doing? why do you care? why should anyone else care? what are you afraid of? how can it happen? the answers change from time to time and I think I'll be checking in on myself with those questions for a long time... it can be intimidating and exhausting to have the continuous responsibility for generating your own income....

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  • I came up with the idea for my first website,, when Sebastian was about 1 1/2 years old and I wanted to create a website where Atlanta parents could find things to do with their kids, good pediatricians, bookstores, etc. What started as a hobby, became a website, then a network of websites that now includes, and which keep me very busy!

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  • Maree, thanks. I think it is really about what Jenn Givier said about authenticity. I've been concerned with authenticity since high school, when my brother came home from a year in Europe in love with Existentialism and introduced me to the importance of owning your life. I basically believe that "anything worth doing is worth doing well." The only barrier I have faced with my work is that I made myself irreplaceable, so when I tried to transfer to a different Institute two years ago, the directors of the Institutes literally got into a fight about it (verbal) and I ended up working for both places...which is kind of cool...but very stressful at the time.

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  • Dear KatieK,
    I have just accidentally pressed "Report This" against your name. Sorry! I actually wanted to comment on your comment. I really like that idea you express about not owning your own business but running your job like it is your own business. I am often working with women who are employed in jobs about which they are jaded and disillusioned. When I coach them in ways to empower themselves and be positive and proactive they invariably say to me: "Oh, it is alright for you. You can do that. You run your own business." The implication is that I have all the freedom in the world to do whatever I want and that they are constrained by an employer and can't do anything. If people looked at their jobs as being their business - as you are - and developed a mind-set that saw them owning their work, their ideas, their initiatives and making their position as good as they could for the company and themselves, they would become very empowered and very fulfilled. I think men do this much better than women. This is the way women develop profile, and platform and develop their personal branding. You've done it so well, KatieK. I hope lots of women are inspired by you to follow in your footsteps. It would be good to hear what challenges you faced along the way.

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  • My business idea is one I've had for a long time, and last year began to seriously investigate. Other than that I can't comment too much until I'm a little further along in the process (getting trademark protection, closer to manufacturing.)

    That being said, I've read all your comments above and I am so impressed! I've checked out your individual pages and websites/blogs and I'm EVEN MORE IMPRESSED! I humbly invite you - and your combined energy and wisdom - to part of my network!

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  • The interns I ran across were so incredibly unprepared to work in Capitol Hill offices, mostly because they have no idea how Congress works. So Washington Politics Boot Camp fills that gap for interns and emerging journalists. I am about to expand into other subject areas, however.....and produce more niche seminars.....

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  • I started my coaching business by teaching women the fundamentals of marketing and business strategy. But, most of my clients struggled with mind-set blocks... fear, self-doubt, comparison sabotage... and we would end up breaking through those instead of spending time on the fundamental stuff. So, I shifted my focus and now I specialize in helping women stand in their power and create a business that's inspired by their authenticity.

    So, for me, my business evolved. I knew I wanted to coach, but I used a combination of my clients and my intuition as a guide for how my business should serve them.

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