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Anybody have any potty training tips for me? I work such long hours, and go to school, unfortunatly its hard to keep things consistent in my house. My son can take of his own clothes, and his diaper....he is only interested in the potty when your on it, and sometimes on the rare occasion he will sit on it. At one point he was actually going on the potty but only if he was left naked, my mom refused to do it when she had him, so it was like having to teach him all over again. He doesn't like sitting on the potty for a while....he gets scared he'll fall in. We have the little clip on seat that makes it their size, and we have the personal potty he doesn't stick with either. Anybody have any advice??”

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  • My son turned 3 in September. I didn't feel he was ready then. I waited until I had a nice long weekend (New Years). I bought him a lot of cute undies for Christmas, so he was a little interested. Then on New Year's day, I just said, "Today you wear underwear and go pee pee on the potty! Yay! You get m&ms when you go! I put him on the potty every hour or so. At times he told me he had to go but it was always too late. Then the second day, he said he had to go before he went, yay, breakthrough! On the third day we actually left the house and he was fine, and he hasn't had an accident since!! I still use diapers at night. I think the trick is to go straight to underwear and never go back. I think it's confusing if you go back and forth. It worked for me with all 3 kids.

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  • When the weather allowed, we went outside in cloth undies beginning on Friday pm and stayed in undies outside (except in bed) until Monday am. We kept the potty outdoors within easy reach and practiced going there every time there was an accident. My younger daughter was ready to go without daytime diapers after one weekend of this (age 17mos). A week later she was out of nighttime diapers. My older daughter took a little longer (19 mos) because she started in colder weather, indoors, and used waterproof pants instead of leakable ones.

    I think the biggest variable is how committed the parent is. Once you decide it's time, don't wimp out; be consistent. It may seem impossible at first but it will pay off.

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  • yes
    candy or whatever he loves best, special cookie?
    and dont give him that treat anymore, unless it is a Potty attempt.

    my both boys were 3.3
    normal for boys

    good luck

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  • he will be 3 the 20th of this month. I know he is ready to do it, but I think he is determined to stay in his diaper because I am gone all the time. With work and school. seems as if he uses it as an attention mean like giving him candy?

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  • HOw old is he?

    The only thing that worked for us is CANDY BRIBES!
    Their favs.
    First was gummy candy.
    Second was M&Ms

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