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Do you use google adsense? Have you used it? Do you have an opinion? There are a lot of sites out there with threads for this but I thought I'd start with the ladies I trust. ”

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  • Nataly - i believe you! i have heard the same from other sources... i will probably be using it soon for a friend of mine! very exciting. maybe we need a 'how to' google group!! :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 30th October 2007

  • Yes, we use it here at Work It, Mom! - meaning, we buy some Google ad words so that working moms searching on google can find us. I think it's a great tool and it's great because you can set a daily budget, which means you will only spend what you plan on spending. They have some great tools to help you find good keywords and analyze your results. (I promise, I don't work for Google - just read what I wrote and it sounds like one heck of an endorsement:)

    But truly, I think it's a great tool and easy to experiment with.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 30th October 2007

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