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If you are single and your kids are in day care, what are the ways you cover for gaps in care, e.g., sick days, evening meetings? How many back-ups do you need? How did you select them?”

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  • Are you near a college or university? I've had good luck running an ad with the local college(s). also, have you mentioned this to the day care workers? sometimes they are up for a little extra hours of babysitting. Or you could ask the parents if they have any recommendations. Like Britt, I've found two fantastic sitters via a classified ad (and I'm embarrassed to tell people too). Of course, we did and I'd recommend that you do your own background check and reference check on anyone.

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  • I'm embarrassed to say this, but we found our sitter on Craigslist. We ADORE her.

    Of course, I had to wade through a lot of crap via phone calls and face to face meetings to get to the right one, but I didn't have many options because we knew NO ONE here.

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  • Sick days I don't try to adjust I use sick leave to cover. It helps that my company specifically includes "sick spouse or dependant" in its acceptable use of sick leave.
    Evening meetings I try very hard to schedule. I use a part-time person to pick up the slack 2 days a week and try to say, "Tuesday is booked, can you do Wednesday?"
    When it all fails I have a wonderful best friend who will run over and grab my child if she's home.
    If it all falls through, my only recourse is to call a teleconference from home (while sending my child to the television with admonition to be silent).

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  • Before, our nanny would adjust her schedule for evening meetings, etc. Now, she has a full-time job, so she is only available on weekends. I have a sister who's unemployed, but she lives over an hour away (as do all my other relatives). I have a neighbor whose grandkid plays with my kids, but her grandkid has immunity issues, so sick days would be a problem (I haven't asked her about evenings yet). My kids' daycare teachers all either work multiple jobs/attend school, or are very pregnant and have their own kids. There are teens next door, but since they have never so much as said "hello" to my kids, I don't see them as the nurturing type. I have put an ad on a babysitter website and gotten a few leads. I am not thrilled with the idea of bringing a total stranger into my house, but I feel I ought to line up at least 2 or 3, to make sure at least one is available when I really need someone. What do others' backup systems look like?

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