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What is your favorite method of pretending-to-work-but-really-procrastinating? ”

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  • I procrastinating by getting things done -- but not the things I "should" be doing. For example, I'll do the laundry and bake muffins and all kinds of housework instead of correcting papers and updating my gradebook or writing lesson plans. Sometimes I split the weekend: Saturday is housework, Sunday schoolwork. After the Packers game, of course. Nothing stops the green and gold.

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  • I procrastinate by over-planning, over-thinking, over-researching, you name it. I have gotten better about reining that in! I also read the NYTimes online and I keep checking my email and checking the weather forecast on Weatherbug.

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  • I bounce back and forth between work and the internet. I've always got several browsers open while I'm working. I shop for clothes, I read blogs, I post on my blog... all sorts of things I'm not supposed to be doing at work.

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  • Bouncing around the blogsphere... I like to call it "research" LOL!

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  • WIM. enough said

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  • Yep I read work related online material too, but I also will "organize my workspace".

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  • Lately, it's been reading about the WGA strike. I am obsessed.

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  • Reading tech and business blogs. I need to know what's going on, but really, it's half entertainment.

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  • So I was over visiting Lee’s member note about Lists and the mania they create and realized that sometimes when I am at a stumbling block or just can’t take ‘work’ anymore, I over organize using spreadsheets and Project and PowerPoint so I don’t feel guilty about not getting something done. Sometimes this has great outcomes! It can help me think differently, sometimes more mentally organized but also more creatively – how can I make the layout better/easier to read, etc. But then it can also induce guilt when I am too busy to over organize and have to rely on just-get-it-doneness. Vicious cycle!

    I also read tech blogs/articles and other ‘work related’ online material... but then everyone does THAT, right? right? :)

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