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Do you have date night? How often and who babysits while you're out?”

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  • Dont you just hate when you need to go out.. but have no one to watch your kids?? then you find somebody but they are too expensive? Well, I can HELP!

    I am 14 Years old. I am a Female, who needs a job. my dream was always becoming a babysitter. at this time, i am a LIT( leader in training), at the YMCA. i love working with kids..and have plenty of way to keep them company.

    for more information please call me at: 813-453-4434 and ask for Brigette!

    If we do not awnser, please leave a voice mail.

    thank you,


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  • I have a babysitter set up every saturday night so that my husband and I can go out and have some alone time. This is either a dinner, a movie or something else. We alternate planning each week (ie. I plan the first saturday, he plans the next). This makes sure we can have a date each week and something else after ;-)

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  • We have a standing babysitter appointment every Friday night so there isn't the pain of organizing it every week - she just shows up. DS goes to sleep before she gets there so I don't have to worry about that while I'm out. And we just go out and do whatever we want - go to the bookstore and browse (without a toddler - heaven), go have a beer and listen to music or even go out separately which is great because there isn't the guilt that your partner is at home alone while you are enjoying yourself. I would highly recommend it to all parents - if you can afford it - its the best 40$ I spend every week.

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  • Kate and Diane, I'm late to this discussion but thanks for 2 great ideas. Baby Patrol is awesome, and I have intended to ask our daycare if anyone babysits on the side ever since we enrolled our son there!! But haven't done it yet! Crazy.

    My hubby and I could desperately use some date-night options since we don't have any family in town, either.

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  • we dont have date night - YET! i want to do this! but i also have a hard time figuring out babysitting... we have gone out a few times with family watching our little guy, but it's hard! plus then i feel guily asking them to hang at our house while we are out playing, among other reasons (too long for here!). though we DID ask our day care providers and one of his teachers babysits on the side! so this is a bonus that we have in our backpocket and will be using soon (hopefully!!)

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  • Date night would ruin the divorce proceedings. We like each other and we're not fighting or anything, we just don't want to give the wrong impression-- that well, we should stay married.

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  • I wish we had date night, but right now, we can only go out without kids when my parents are in town. Before I had the baby, the YMCA had a parents' night out once a month, and we'd try to do that three or four times a year.

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  • we do. we have been doing this date night thing for about 13 years or so (married for 24+ now). we used to date weekly but nowadays since i work fulltime now, we have a date night at least every 2 weeks. when we first started it mommy needed it desperately because i was juggling 4 little ones 3 under age 4. nowadays we need it desperately because we are parents of 5 and it seems harder with the kids busy lives and it's harder to hookup with teenagers in the house...who knew the older they get it would be harder? who watches the kids? that's what the big kids (the 21 y/o and teens are for!)

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  • We don't have set date nights, but occassionally we'll get to a point where we feel like we need to get out or else we may be featured on COPS. So, we usually just pick a night that we are both free and ask the live in father-in-law to keep the little one.
    In one aspect, I find having a live in relative difficult, but I have to admit, it is very convenient for watching our son when we need to get out or just run some quick errands.

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  • Definitely an area of frustration for me. We have no family in the area, so cannot count on them. I've tried to send feelers out to other local parents (only a couple b/c I don't think I can do this with just anybody) to try a "Baby Patrol" type of thing, but nobody's interested. And the last 3-4 times we had a sitter, there's always been a problem. (The last one set off the smoke alarm from burning popcorn in the microwave and didn't know how to turn it off, and went & got the next-door neighbors, who had to open all the windows, calm down DS & sitter, etc. Sigh.) And one more thing: I'm really tired of being the one who makes all the effort to put together a date night. DH is the kind of person who likes date nights with me (esp since he thinks the night will inevitably end in sex), but isn't social or proactive enough to organize one. (He will if his parents are in town [which is rare these days] convenient, eh?)
    Gee, guess I feel a little bitter about this, huh? ;-) - Paula.

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  • Oh Diane! I love your Baby Patrol idea! That is a great idea! I am a single mother so no date night here but I could definitely use a pool of trusted sitters! I'm going to work on this with some local parents. GREAT idea!

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  • For now mostly we get together with other couples with kids the same ages. It's not quite the same thing as a date night, but I really like it. I get really anxious about leaving our daughter. We do go out by ourselves every once in a while (every couple months), and every so often I get a little stir crazy. For me though, I prefer that to wondering what's going on with the baby the whole time I'm gone...When we do go out my parents watch her.

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