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7 tips to help you relieve stress

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Our lives are busy and there are varying levels of stress in anyone's life. Having stress and doesn't mean that you have to be stressed. Here are some time-proven tips to helps you keep the stress at bay.

1. Have a bath. Taking the time to relax in a warm bath (epsom salts are recommended to help soothe your muscles) can go a long way in draining the stress from your body.

2. Write it down. When we have a lot on the go and we keep running over all that we have to do, our minds can get tired and our stress levels will rise. Taking a few moments each day to write out how you are feeling or make lists of what needs to be done frees your mind from having to keep a running tally.

3. Go for a massage. Letting a professional work the kinks out of your body is more than worth the time (and money) it costs to go for a massage.

4. Unplug. Our society is wired in and connected and we're constantly bombarded with media and emails and so many different forms of information. Taking a day (or a few hours) to completely step away from technology can help you clear your mind and reduce stress.

5. Exercise. Many people use exercise for weight and physical reasons, but science tells us that the endorphins that exercise releases gives you a natural lift. Excercise doesn't have to be anything more difficult than a brisk walk. Exercise provides a distraction from stressful situations, as well as an outlet for frustrations and those endorphins are an added bonus.

6. Eat a balanced diet. People eat a balanced diet for the physical rewards, but keeping your blood sugar balanced goes a long way towards balanced mental health. 

7. Find a hobby you love. Find something you love and do it every day. Taking your mind off of the normal routine is therapeutic. It's a great way to "get away" even if you don't literally get away.



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