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10 Tips to Help Busy Working Moms Reduce Stress

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  • I'm thinking of getting a blog for myself. I use one at University to keep all my information in one place - as I keep losing bits of paper. I'm more of a studying mom than a working mom but I seem to experience the same stresses

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by michelle on 11th July 2008

  • Oh, that's such a great point about a blog -- or a journal, for that matter.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 24th June 2008

  • Blog! It's a great creative outlet, a place to blow off steam about any particular subject, and a chance to connect with other moms. If you love to write, but haven't in a very long time, this is just the venue to help crank up the creative juices!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mommapolitico.blogspot.com on 21st June 2008

  • i love reading the compilation of great advice from other members - i totally forgot about my own comment and i needed to take my own advice today! here is to random silliness! yup, i'll drink to that ;)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 27th February 2008