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Going Green with a New Baby at Home

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Figuring out alternatives to mainstream products can be a real hassle when you’re expecting a new baby. Here are some excellent tips and resources to help you feel less bogged down.
  1. Limit artificial scents. Some studies have shown that pthalates, the ingredients used in some scented products, can be harmful to laboratory animals and easily absorbed by babies. To reduce the risk posed to your infant, choose products that are labeled phthalate free. SafeMama has a cheat sheet to make the product selection a little easier.
  2. Get rid of BPA. Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a chemical used in hard clear plastics and as a liner for certain food containers and is linked to certain illnesses in animals. To be safe, choose plastic bottles marked (# 1, #2, or #4), or switch to glass or stainless steel. Member Boston Mamas wrote a great article on how to find a BPA Free bottle (and take a look at some other BPA-free options for baby and kids).

  3. Think outside the Diaper Genie. There are some very low maintenance solutions if you’re willing to invest a little money up front. Two great options are gDiapers and cloth diapers. Green Mountain diapers has a great tutorial on how to choose the right cloth diaper for you.
  4. Eliminate indoor pollutants. Standard paints can give off chemicals for years to come. When you repaint the nursery and other rooms in the house, check out Green Living Ideas for the best paint and home décor solutions for your family.
  5. Clean green. This can help on two fronts. Many parents are concerned that chemical cleaners leave behind toxic residues and fumes. Also, keeping chemicals out of your house is a great safety precaution once babies start getting into everything. Babyganics is one option for safe cleaning supplies. For more ideas check out this member article by relaxnsmile.


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