Great Gifts for Working Moms

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Beautiful Piece of Mom Jewelry

Beautiful Piece of Mom Jewelry

Give your favorite working mom a reason to smile during the day with a beautiful piece of mom jewelry, like this locket from The Fine Art of Family. You can personalize it with photos of the kids or the entire family and help her know that wherever her work might take her, her family is always right there.

Sterling silver locket is available for $190 at

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  • I love the pulse point cream...I started using it on my way home from work everyday and it puts me in the Mommy frame of mind before I leave the parking lot ( kind of like changing your clothes when you first get home!) It is great!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Beaniemommie on 8th May 2009

  • Great slideshow!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Chrissie Mattingly on 9th December 2008