10 Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

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Coffee Filter Butterflies

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Use markers to draw colorful patterns on coffee filters; a few drops of water gives you a tie-dye effect (and teaches kids about capillary action at the same time). These beautiful butterflies make excellent Valentines! You can find the instructions at

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By Lylah M. Alphonse

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  • I really like the Valentine's craft, especially since sewing is not involved, it makes it easy for kids. Another cute Valentine's craft I enjoy is a kiss pillow. You can check it out at Enjoy!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Christine on 7th July 2009

  • We made the Coffee Filter Butterflies this morning, and BOY were they a hit. My daughter (2) enjoyed the coloring, the splashing of water was especially fun (when is it not?). I did the pipe cleaner part, but she really loved flying them around the room. We're going to make more and give them as little "gifts" from her for Valentine's Day for our closer family. Very cute.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Meg D. on 11th February 2009