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Sexy Systems for Business Success

8 tips to get your business flowing smoothly and joyfully

by Laura Howard West  |  8313 views  |  4 comments  |        Rate this now! 

I know... why the catchy title?  Well, it's kind of obvious: "Systems" sounds pretty boring on its own.

Here's what I believe: When you are feeling good, it shows. You know, like when you feel sexy. OK, so you are up to your elbows in dishes, family visits, leftover turkey, and bored kids but you know what I'm talking about -- those times when you just feel good. Your energy is grounded, the ideas are flowing, and everything is bumping along smoothly. You are feeling good and your walk shows it, your smile sparkles, and your confidence is high!

We all need to have systems that support our daily activities and make things flow with little effort.  When the systems are in place, well... it feels sexy! You feel confident, things flow, you have ample energy because you aren't pulled down by the tiny details, because they are being handled.

You can apply the same idea to running your business. Here are some of my top tips for Sexy Systems for More Success in Your Business!

1. Get a do-it-all shopping cart. With a product like 1ShoppingCart, you can take orders online, which increases the easy flow of products, services, and money.  You can manage your subscribes and unsubscribes on autopilot, set up autoresponders for teleclass reminders, follow up on calls, announcements, etc. You write them, schedule them, and put them out your mind!

2. Have someone else remember the birthdays. Birthday Alarm makes it easy for me to remember my clients', collegues', and friends' birthdays.  You just load them into the Birthday Alarm system and set reminders; they email you two weeks or two days ahead of time -- your choice!

3. Make money flow easily. PayPal has a reputation for being difficult, but I've seen that shift as the system has become much easier to use.  It's great for when you want to use credit cards to pay a gvendor (and manage your cash flow) or when you want a client to pay you with one (it can be death to a sale if a client has to go and find an envelope and a stamp, then write a check AND go to the mailbox!).

4. Pay your bills online. What did we ever do before this?  It is so great to line up the bills pay them off!  Check your bank and see if they offer this option. It's so much better than paying online at each different company, and it makes the "painful" part of paying bills a bit more joyful because it's so easy! Truly!

5. Save for taxes, education, and fun. I love ING Direct. It's strictly an online banking service -- no checks, no neighborhood branches, no overhead. You can set up as many accounts as you like, which makes it easy for you to save and put aside money for special reasons. The best part is that, because they don't have the expenses of a traditional bank, they actually pay a better return. Your inner Financially Savvy Business Woman will appreciate that!

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Written by Laura Howard West, Center for Joyful Business, http:/ Marketing Sage and Business Coach, Laura West, provides you with tools, products, and coaching programs to help you discover how to create more passion, purpose and prosperity.

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