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5 essentials you need to know to be a Go-To Goddess

Be a Go-To Goddess

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As a women entrepreneur you probably have in your business vision to be well-known in your industry and to easily attract clients and opportunities to speak, write and contribute: I call this being a Go-To Goddess.

Being the Go-To Goddess means having enough confidence in what you offer and how you change people’s lives so that you are at the top of the list for other people to recommend you for clients, to the media, and to their colleagues for joint ventures. Getting to the Go-To Goddess level means it gets easier to attract clients and opportunities. But to get there, you have to commit to five things.

1. Take a Fresh and Powerful Stand. 
You can’t play small. This isn’t a time to do what everyone else is doing. Quite frankly, the world/Internet/marketing has changed so much that doing what everyone else is doing will kill your business.

This isn’t a time to hide. You have to tap into your confidence, your inner strength, and your knowing that what you offer will make people’s lives better. And be willing to write and speak about it in a way that grabs their attention by your unique style and claim.

If you are not writing, speaking, or using video or audio, then how will people find you? If you are using these marketing strategies but you are doing what you were doing three years ago, then your business will certainly disappear. It’s time for deep listening to your tribe and to take a stand for your service and how it will truly address their problems and change their world. (Yes, change their world; it needs to be that bold of a claim!)

2. A Very Specific Tribe. 
I’m talking about a group of people who are flourishing, engaged and are actively interested in what you stand for. Who are these people? What do you know about them? What do you need to find out? The more specific you can be about who your services are for, then the more of an impact you can have with your marketing efforts. (Big fish-small pond still works.)

To take this further, you want to develop a sense of what your tribe wants, their problems, dreams, aches, and pains. What are their buzz words? What do they hate? What do they love? How do you fit in?

3. Multi-media Approach to Creating Your Go-To Goddess Brand Mystique. 
You can’t just send a few emails and expect people to flood into your business. The world is so fragmented and, quite frankly, tired so that you have to use 10 ways to reach one person.

Example: You offer a teleclass and market with an email, a blog post, a Facebook event, a YouTube video tip, Tweet, preview teleclass, and an affiliate program. It’s not that people will see you everywhere they just need to see you. You don’t know which is their favorite way of getting information. You need to use more than one or two or three ways to reach your tribe.

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